Tips to choose plus sized clothing

Most of the women are ashamed of their full figured bodies. Being a little overweight does not mean that you cannot look wonderful or fashionable. If you dress up well and carry yourself with confidence, surely people will notice you.

Here are tips to choose plus sized clothing for look wonderful:

Well fitted clothes

Wear only well fitted clothes. Most of the plus sized women wear loose clothes to hide their bodies, because they are ashamed of it. Try to avoid wearing too tight or loose clothes, instead wear clothes which fit you better. When you go for shopping, ignore the sizing tags and look for the clothes which fit you. If you do not find clothes of your size, then go to a tailor to alter it.

 If you like to wear skirts, use one with A-line cut instead of the  pencil skirt. Straight leg jeans will help to hide heavy hips. You will look stunning in well fitted clothes. In stylish clothes, you will look great and people will compliment your stylish look.

Use of proper undergarments

Try to wear well fitted and proper undergarments. Your clothes feet you better and also you will feel comfortable because of proper undergarments.

Use clothes with correct patterns and colors

Use dark colored clothes if you want to hide some areas of your body. Wear dark pants to hide your lower body. Instead of horizontal stripes, clothes with vertical or diagonal stripes will look good.

Suitable accessories

With beautiful accessories you can improve your appearance. Instead of tiny pendant or earrings, use bold jewelry. You will look taller with heels, which makes you look slimmer.

Know your body shape

To improve appearance, it is very essential to know your body type. Over a lifetime your measurement may change, but the body types remain constant. If you know your body type, it will become easier for you to choose right clothes.

Look at these basic body shapes and you can easily find out which body shape you have


In apple shape, your lower body is smaller than upper half. These women have heavy breasts, wide back and slim hips. Deep V-neck tops look great for them. Choose a dress or skirt such that, it will hide your large stomach.


The woman with pear body type has a smaller upper body then lower half. They have curvy hips and thighs. If you want to broaden your shoulder, wear semi fit and colorful wide neck tops. Dress up in such a way that, the focus will remain on your upper half.


Athletic generally has a straight and toned figure. Women with this body shape have a flat stomach, broad shoulders, square hips with less curves. Use a trendy belt with a top to highlight the waistline.

Along with right clothes, there are so many things which have an impact on your good looks, such as your hair, skin and make up. So give proper attention to these as well. Wear clothes with confidence, as it makes a difference. Like others, you can also look fashionable and beautiful, if you follow correct ways to wear clothes.