Must try-Powerful benefits of Vitamin E Oil!

We all know the importance of Vitamins needed for our body. Well, do you know any vitamin or a single ingredient that can be used in hair, face, nail and lips? Yah! Vitamin E, a super potent antioxidant and nutrient used in all beauty products work magic. This powerful fat-soluble antioxidant can be used...

Benefits of Coconut Oil Pulling & How-to Guide

Coconut Oil PULLING
What is Coconut Oil Pulling? Coconut oil pulling is a great way to remove bacteria and promote healthy teeth and gums! Used primarily in Ayurvedic medicine, oil pulling is a fantastic oral detoxification procedure that is simply done by swishing a tablespoon of oil particularly coconut oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. Oil pulling works by...

7 Differences between face oils and moisturizers

Face Oil and Moisturizers
  Differences between face oils and moisturizers: The new trend in moisturizing your face is face oils. Most are hesitant to try these oils as oil is often associated with grease which in turn for some lead to break outs. For those adventurous ones who have tried on these face oil now don’t want to switch back...

Fibromyalgia condition can be relieved through exercises

Fibromyalgia condition can be relieved through exercises
Chronic pain in body, muscle and tenderness in tissue besides sleep problems are caused in a person suffering from fibromyalgia. There are several tender points or painful areas in the back, neck, knees and elbows where severe shooting pain can be experienced. Exercises have known to offer great relief from this painful situation by...

Natural home remedies to get rid of troubling pimples

Natural home remedies for pimples
Most of the teenagers are worried about the pimples, as it makes the face look ugly. Pimple is nothing but a spot on the face. An oily substance which comes out of pimples contains bacteria and some impurities can cause other facial problems.If you are worried because of pimples, then you can try some...

Fight Anxiety With Natural Remedies

Anxiety natural remedies
What is anxiety? Anxiety is a certain state of mind where people can feel various feelings or disorders. People can feel anxious and nervous. This feeling normally arises when people go through a tough situation, a test, a problem at work; have to make an important decision. These disorders interfere with a person’s daily life....

Facing mood swings? Get control of your life now

Facing mood-swings? Get control of your life now
Mood swings are called as sudden changes in a person’s mood. Mood swing can benefit a person in any treatment and can show some negative impact also if not treated in time. Duration of mood swings is different from every person. Mood swings is a disease that is caused due to different conditions. Mood...

Long term use of birth control pills may cause blindness

Many women think that birth control pills as an easy measure to prevent pregnancy. However, many health risks are associated with the same. It has been seen that women who use the birth control pills for more than 3 to 4 years have more risk of blindness in life. This new addition is joining...

How to stay away from your enemy – Migraines

How to stay away from your enemy –migraines
What is Migraine? Migraine is a neurological disorder where the patient experiences a severe headache on the half side of his head. Also can be called as the severe attack of headache. Migraine is taken from a Greek word. This headache is not even in the head and can stay for 2 hours to 72...

How Diabetes During Pregnancy Affect Baby and Mother

How Diabetes During Pregnancy Affect Baby and Mother
Diabetes is caused when the blood-sugar (blood glucose) level in a human body becomes too high. It is a disease that may occur to just about anyone at any age. This disease is the leading cause for heart-attack, blindness, kidney failure, and amputation in developed countries. There are three main types of diabetes: Type...

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