09 Dec 2023

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Things you should never say to your teenage kids

Things you should never say to your teenage kids 

Parenting is a tricky game and it has become more critical and complex when you have teenage kids at home. Teenagers understand everything you speak and everything you do. Often parents have to be very careful during communication with teenagers. Talking to teenagers without conflict…

Tips to Get Your Child to Read

8 Tips to Get Your Child to Read 

Reading is supposed to be one of the best habits a person can cultivate. Some children just don’t take to reading like others. They might not like having to sit in one place with their nose between the pages of a book.You can’t force them…

Homework Blues
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5 Strategies to Handle Homework Blues 

After the summer holiday break students are back to school which can be fun as well as frustrating for both children and parents. Back-to-school means it’s time for school supplies, hurly-burly morning, and the hassle of homework. Especially after a long day, they feel exhausted…

A dad holding his daughter in hip
Motherhood, Parenting

The Struggles Of A Stay-At-Home Dad 

Raising a child calls for the involvement of both parents, with each of them partaking and splitting the responsibilities. The lives of women have revolved around domestic activities for a long time. The modified societal structure allows women to pursue what they desire, with men…

5 Ways to Teach Your Child to be a Good Sport

5 Ways to Teach Your Child to be a Good Sport 

Sportsmanship is a very important character to possess. Winning is not everything. All kids need to learn that. And as parents, it is your responsibility to teach them that.The first step is to set to set an example for them. When you accompany them for…

baby Piercing
Toddler Care

Piercing Your Baby’s Ear 

In some culture’s it is normal to pierce a baby’s ear when he or she is new born. But others can choose to do so after a couple of months or even several years down the line. Here are some factors that can help you…

9 Tips to travel by air with your baby
Travel & Leisure

5 Tips to Travel by Air with Your Baby 

Travelling with a baby in tow can be a totally different experience altogether. I’m sure your already getting worried thinking of the trip. Will he throw up in the flight? Will he cry incessantly and disturb everyone else on the flight? Don’t worry too much….