03 Oct 2023

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How Beneficial Are Face Serums? 

Face serums have gained popularity in recent years, replacing creams and lotions in make-up routines with various flavors and replacing creams and lotions. What Is a Face Serum? Face serums are lightweight, easy-to-apply liquid moisturizers with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, alpha-hydroxy, and glycolic acids as…

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What is false pregnancy and why does it occur? 

Pregnancy is something that brings an overwhelming experience to the expecting parents. But, at times, science surprises us with a condition called pseudocyesis or false pregnancy where a woman feels every symptom of being pregnant yet is actually not pregnant. This is one of the…

Habits that can make you look rude

Five Habits That Make You Look Rude 

We all come from different backgrounds and have been raised differently from one another. Over the years, we might have picked up some habits like speaking loudly in public without realizing whether they are good or bad. Mannerisms that seem normal to us might appear…

15 Things No Woman Over 40 Should Have in Her Home

15 Things No Woman Over 40 Should Have 

 If you are in your 40s or above, we have something to share with you. The older you get, you tend to become emotionally attached to some of your belongings. By the time you’ve reached 40, you’ve probably collected a lot of belongings which are…

How to Be a Good Online Teacher?
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How to Be a Good Online Teacher? 

An excellent teacher can produce effective training in the classroom. The same offline teaching principles and methods can be applied to online teaching. You must deliver content with clarity, engage students, and connect with them.  Want to be an expert in online teaching? Only excellent…

4 Simple Self-Care Ideas During the Quarantine
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Top 4 Simple Self-Care Ideas at Home 

The world around is messy right now and it may directly affect our mental health. But you can take this quarantine period to treat and improve yourself. All these days in your busy schedule you would have forgotten to take care of yourself. Take this…