Staying away from the ecstasy of Irish coffee because of the alcoholic content? Well, you no more have to control the temptation. But, before we begin sharing the recipe we have in hand. Let’s take a minute to know what actually Irish coffee is. The mouth-watering drink has an interesting history. All thanks to Chef...

8 Indoor plants that make home air-clean!

A surrounding greenery space not just looks amazing but also keep’ us healthier by purifying the air. This is the reason why many of us love relaxing and spending time with nature. As we know plant release oxygen through photosynthesis, researchers have proven certain species with built-in-air-filtering system that give’ us ideas of making...

10 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Toddlers

10 Pumpkin decorating ideas for toddlers
Halloween is the time when families get together and do fun activities, one of these activities being pumpkin decorating. Toddlers cannot carve a pumpkin so it becomes essential to find some other alternative way to allow them to decorate their pumpkins. Here is a list of pumpkin decoration activities that I have put together. 1. Washi...

10 Ways to Recycle your Kids Old Stuff

10 Ways to Recycle your Kids Old Stuff
  Before we realize it we land up with a closet full of old clothes, toys and other trinkets of our kids. Some even carry a lot of sentiments due to which we never part with them and land up filling our homes with a lot of old stuff. Here is how we can recycle your kids...

5 Tips to Select a Sturdy Sofa

Every household has a sofa. The market is flooded with tons of sofas to choose from and the task can get quiet confusing. Some are only good to look at and won’t give any comfort if sat on. Others are not suitable for households that have toddlers as they can get spoilt easily. Here are...

How to Get Crayon Marks off Walls

How to get crayon marks off walls
Almost all households with toddlers face the situation when their walls get decorated with their little tot’s art.Crayon scribbles are not as hard to get off as you imagine them to be. Here are 7 ways in which you can easily get  crayon marks off walls: 1. Toothpaste The abrasive in the toothpaste will help get the...

7 Steps to Get Rid of Ants

7 Steps to get rid of ants
When ants start invading our kitchen and the rest of the areas of our house, it becomes a nightmare. We find them in our sugar jars and even in packets of nuts. The invasion of bugs and insects increases in every household when it becomes summer. So how do you really get rid of ants? Step 1:...

7 Risks Everyone Should Take in Home Decor

7 Risks everyone should take in Home Décor
It is not common for people to get wild in their home decor. Most of us feel it’s better to play it safe and stick to neutral shades, whether it is to pick a shade of the sofa or our wall color. But there are some decorating risks that one should take in their lifetime....

Top 10 Gardening Mistakes

Top 10 Gardening Mistakes
Gardening is a lot of effort. But it can be an activity that you take up to de-stress or even to lose weight. There is something about this activity that relaxes you and puts you at ease. It could be the aspect of dealing with something living and something so beautiful and precious. So let’s...

5 Ways to Make Cleaning Products Last Longer

5 Ways to Make Cleaning Products Last Longer
All of us have cabinets full of cleaning products. Some of these products seem to get over after just a couple of uses. With the recession and budget constrain we need to find ways to make things last longer. Here are a few ways in which we can make our cleaning products last longer than...

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