02 Dec 2021

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DIY nail art without any tool 

It was only recently that nails became such a huge beauty sensation. Girls nowadays are more into nail art for which they spend quite a lot to get that perfect nails But why to waste money when all you have to do is just look…

Beauty, Skin & Hair Care

DIY-Frizzy hair remedies 

What is Frizzy hair? There are something called cuticles surround every strand of hair. Cuticles are nothing but scaly dead cells that surround the hair strands to form a sheath of outer cover. It protects and strengthens the hair strands. Yet, it doesn’t decide the…

Home & Kitchen

8 Unusual Uses of the Safety Pin 

Forget all about the age old use of safety pins that is to attach two pieces of cloth together. I’ve put together some unusual simple uses of this tiny wonder. 1.Keep pairs of socks together Do you often find one sock missing when you need…

9 Inventive recycled pots
Home & Kitchen

9 Inventive Recycled Pots 

Are you fed up of buying the same old ceramic or mud pots? Do you want to add some life to your garden? Do you want to reflect your personality? Then there is no better way than to make your own pots.Not only can you…