3 Relaxing Spa Trends

3 Relaxing Spa trends
Do you want to get relaxed?  If your answer to this question is yes, then it’s time to visit a spa. Yes, a Spa is the best place for relaxation. A spa is a place, where spring water is used for medicinal bath or treatment. Spas offer some professional services, which encourage spirit, mind...

How To Beat Stress Effectively?

beat stress effectively
Stress is defined as, “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances” according to Oxford. According to doctors stress is a vicious element that could easily put a toll on your health. You may ask is there a way to resolve it? Yes, certainly is the answer. Here...

Painting the hidden stress buster for the artist in you

painting the hidden stress buster
With growing competition in every sphere of life, stress and tensions are creeping into the lives of many people. Pressure of presentations, meeting deadlines, ensuring upward swing of sales, maintaining profitability, and more are just a few reasons that escalates stress in life. In order to stay ahead in the race of competition, people...

Overcoming stress after undergoing breast cancer surgery

Overcoming stress after undergoing breast cancer surgery
It is very stressful for women suffering from breast cancer to face the challenge of surgery. Coping with this situation can be quite draining. Women not only face a lot of physiological issues but quite a lot psychological issues with latter being more difficult to manage. Dealing with the stress involved in this surgery...

Just dance and be happy

Just dance and be happy
Most of the people love dancing. Dancing is a passion for many of us. Dance is a beautiful thing, which brings different communities together from different parts of the world. Dance helps you to express your creativity. While dancing, people feel happy and free from any problem or tension. Dance is not just a...

Dealing with hypertension naturally

Dealing with hypertension naturally
Dealing with hypertension naturally! The human body has a wonderful system of supplying oxygen and other vital ingredients to all parts and organs through medium of blood. The heart pumps fresh blood into arteries. During each heartbeat, the pressure of blood varies between the maximum and minimum values, known as Systolic and Diastolic pressure respectively....

Dancing- does it help to reduce stress?

- Dancing- does it help to lower stress?
Due to the hectic schedule and the commitment to provide everything for our family we continuously work. This struggle of living a rich and luxurious life decrease our sleep time and thus increases stress. There is a standard of living and an expectation in our lives which we try to meet up, but never...

Too much or too little sleep can lead to depression

too little sleep can lead to depression
Depression can be extremely debilitating. It is one of those states of the mind when you almost shut yourself down to the outside world. All your activities come to a halt or minimal and your energy levels sink to the bottom. There are many causes behind why one gets clinical depression. One of them...

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