31 May 2023

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International beauty products with native ingredients

International Beauty Products with Native Ingredients 

Every country has beauty secrets that we all can learn and benefit from. It is now only that we are becoming aware of the wonder ingredients that we can source from various countries across the globe. New international beauty products are constantly emerging in the market…

10 Old school beauty products

10 Old School Beauty Products 

There are some products that our mothers or grandmothers swear by and they have passed on the secret to us as well. Here are 10 old school beauty products that are still found in the market to help you look beautiful: 1. Revlon’s red lipstick…

6 Beauty routines you should never do at home

6 Beauty Routines you should never do at Home 

We often think of doing some beauty treatments at home to save those extra dollars. But something’s are best left to the professionals. You don’t want to land up looking like a clown or with ruined hair or skin. Leave these treatments for the beauty…

5 Clever uses of the Kitchen Sponge
Home & Kitchen

5 Clever Uses of the Kitchen Sponge 

Kitchen sponges can be used for a lot of other purposes other than just scrubbing your dishes and wiping off spills. Here are some other uses of sponges in the other areas of your home: Pedicure–Cut up sponges into small pieces and stick them in…


Quick fix for thinning eyebrows 

As we age, even the growth of our eyebrows slow down. Eyebrows with less hair or with gaps in between look unattractive. Here is a quick solution to make your eyebrows look thick and filled up. Use a stencil-Stencils are available in various cosmetic stores….