30 Sep 2023

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The Ripple Effects of Layoffs
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The Ripple Effects of Layoffs 

The Covid-19 pandemic affected the global economy widely and many companies struggled to exist forever. Layoff refers to the termination of employees by a company due to low profit and large tech industries have experienced this recently. Mass layoffs affect the business, employees, and the…

Women Freedom

What Freedom Means for Women? 

What is freedom for a woman? Have you ever pondered why women are constantly referenced when the word “freedom” is used. Ever wonder why women must continually battle for their fundamental human rights? Why do men grant us freedom and make decisions about what we…

Image of a tea plantation women workers
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Top 6 Jobs Dominated by Women 

The term ‘pink-collar job’ is often used by economists to explain female-dominated jobs statistics. Paid jobs all over the world are dominated by men while women work unpaid jobs like child-rearing, house maintenance, and caregiving. Over time, the percentage of women employed in paid jobs…