29 Mar 2023

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Common Email mistakes to avoid 

Email is a vital communication tool in the modern world, yet despite its widespread use, many people still make frequent errors while writing emails. In this blog, we’ll be addressing typical email mistakes and discussing ways of avoiding common email mistakes and navigating common email…

Image of a tea plantation women workers
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Top 6 Jobs Dominated by Women 

The term ‘pink-collar job’ is often used by economists to explain female-dominated jobs statistics. Paid jobs all over the world are dominated by men while women work unpaid jobs like child-rearing, house maintenance, and caregiving. Over time, the percentage of women employed in paid jobs…

Sitting is the new smoking
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Risks of Prolonged Sitting 

Sitting for a prolonged period of time and also physical inactivity leads to a decrease in blood flow thus resulting in multiple diseases. The world health organization has advised at least mild exercise for about 150 minutes per week. Sitting risks in regular life is…