Mistakes in your Resume that won’t Impress

Mistakes in your resume that won’t impress
Before we even come in contact with the employer in person, it is the resume that speaks for us. As the famous saying goes, ‘the first impression is the best impression’, what the employer views in our resume is what sticks with him, even when we are to meet him or talk to him...

5 Ways not to Look Boring in Office

5 Ways not to look boring in office
No matter how filled our closets are with clothes, we always have the dilemma of what to wear, especially to work.Most of us land up wearing the same boring trousers, skirts and shirts to work. It can get boring after a point of time. Let me share some ways how you can spice up what...

7 Top Job Posting Phrases Decoded

7 Top job posting phrases decoded
  Have you often taken up a job that you dropped after 3 months because you did not figure out what the company really had in store for you? Do not fall the victim of companies that lure their employees by hiding the truth in their classified adverts. Before you decide to apply for any job...

Top 5 Things Not to Do at Work

Top 5 Things Not to Do at Work
We spend half our lives in our workplace. So it is natural that we have differences as well as friendly relationships arising in the same place.We all want to climb the corporate ladder. But if we really want to reach the top there are something’s that we must definitely not do at work. Do not...

Back to work after baby

work after baby
Back to work after baby Just imagine how a child feels when he is asked to face the outside world all alone. A world to which he is completely oblivious, a world which is sometimes strewn with flowers and at others adorned with thorns. He is obviously supposed to feel a little weak, a lot...

Most rewarding Degree after Graduation

Most rewarding Degree after Graduation
Every person desires of a life that is made up of top class education, great job, monetary security and a successful career. But it takes in a lot of hard work, dedication and honesty for securing the best in life. Education plays a vital role in shaping our career and goals of our life....

5 Best part time career options for teenaged girls

5 Best Part - time Career Options for Teenaged Girls
Working in your Teens: The phase of a teenager goes through a lot of transitions and changes within oneself. It is a phase wherein a person is not completely a child and not completely an adult. This phase is the most delicate phase in the life of a teenager. A teenager though starts feeling a...

Top 5 interesting home based careers for women

Top 5 types of home-based careers for women
In the today’s era of Information, Technology, and Communication, Women are playing important role in various industries. Today’s woman is not only a simple homemaker, but also she is more careers oriented. Managing all her family responsibilities and duties, she always tries to find some opportunities to make her time interesting. Though, the women...

Celebrating small achievements boosts your confidence

Celebrating small achievements Life is a valuable gift given by God to us. It is very essential to cherish every moment of our life with great zeal and happiness. Desires and achievements hold a great position in our lives. We are living our lives with some or the other objective. The passion with which one...

6 Essential Email Utilities you should use

6 Essential Email Utilities you should use
Since the very beginning the web has taken off, email has been an integral part of that experience. Starting from the old terminal based editors coming from UNIX roots, to the rich and dynamic experience of neatly formatted text, colorful graphics and even animated contents. Humble email has come a long way. While everyone has...

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