11 Aug 2020

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8 ways to survive office politics 

1. Learn to self regulate Control and modify your facial expressions in a group except happy moments. Not everything needs an emotional reaction and especially office is not a place to ride on emotions. Take criticisms in a positive way and use it to improve…

5 Ways not to look boring in office

5 Ways not to Look Boring in Office 

No matter how filled our closets are with clothes, we always have the dilemma of what to wear, especially to work.Most of us land up wearing the same boring trousers, skirts and shirts to work. It can get boring after a point of time. Let…

7 Top job posting phrases decoded

7 Top Job Posting Phrases Decoded 

  Have you often taken up a job that you dropped after 3 months because you did not figure out what the company really had in store for you? Do not fall the victim of companies that lure their employees by hiding the truth in…

Top 5 Things Not to Do at Work

Top 5 Things Not to Do at Work 

We spend half our lives in our workplace. So it is natural that we have differences as well as friendly relationships arising in the same place.We all want to climb the corporate ladder. But if we really want to reach the top there are something’s…