5 known advantage of using online dating apps

online dating
Online dating app is a form of mobile dating and it is specifically designed for Smartphone users. Instead of being limited to your desktop, this app makes it easy to make connections from individuals residing around the globe. It is easy and fun to find a last minute date whenever you want. You can...

Have she Fallen IN LOVE…here are few body language symbols to detect!

In the event that you've at any point been around ladies, you'd see they jabber and not constantly through words. Women frequently act out through non-verbal communication and on the off chance that you can make sense of the signs plainly, you can make sense of the ladies as well. Be that as it may,...

5 Things That Make Men Insecure

As macho as men seem to be, oozing with confidence, they also suffer from insecurities which I’m sure they will never want to share with their women. I’m writing this as a help to women out there so that you know what your man is thinking at times when his confidence levels just drop. Men...

5 Things you should never Compromise in a Relationship

How many times have we heard of a friend who’s changed after she married so and so? Do you know of people who have sacrificed their careers just because her man asked her to? Have you stopped receiving calls from a friend after she got married? The point I’m trying to make here is that...

5 Relationships that are best not entered into

5 Relationships that are best not entered into
We all enter relationships to feel loved and happy. What we expect out of our relationships is a far call away from what we actually land up with. The society that we live in has brought us up with the thought process that all is a bed of roses and there is a prince...

4 Reasons that Men think are Ruining their Marriage

4 Reasons that men think are ruining their marriage
We all have our reasons as to why the marriage is not working. For us women it could be that our husbands are not listening to what we have to say or even the fact that they don’t lend a helping hand to complete the chores in the house. But the men have a...

5 Ways to Add a Touch of Romance to your Meal

Have the sparks disappeared from your relationship? Do you guys just finish your dinner glued to the television screen? Do you want to spend a romantic dinner at home with your loved one? Whatever the reason for having a romantic dinner at home, there are a few elements that are a must-have to set...

5 Ways to Celebrate an Occasion in a Long Distance Relationship

  Long distance relationships are hard to maintain. You don’t meet each other often and when an occasion to celebrate arises, emotions rise and you tend to feel worse rather than enjoy the moment. Just because you both live in different cities gives you reason not to celebrate the occasion, be it Valentines days, each...

5 Tips to create a Romantic Atmosphere in your Bedroom

Do you want to surprise you partner with a romantic evening at home? Do you want to set the mood for the night? If yes, then here are some tips to bring in the heat to your bedroom and contribute to the romance of it all: 1. Use red to adorn the room Red is a...

5 Worst pieces of Advice you get about Marriage

5 Worst pieces of advice you get about marriage
  When we reach the marriageable age or if we are getting serious in a relationship we are often bombarded with advice from everyone on what works in a marriage and what doesn't. Being unmarried you don’t have the actual experience to decide on what actually you have to believe. Here are the worst pieces of...

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