5 Ways to reduce your toddler’s teething woes!

Isn’t that a heart-breaking time to see our little ones in pain? One such stage is when our child is going through teething. This is one of the early milestones as the teeth erupt from the gums causing pain. For some child’s symptoms like mild fever, drooling, bad temper, sore gums and eccentricity might...

Packaged Baby Food are Not as Healthy as it appears!

Baby Food
A new study, published in the journal Pediatrics, shows that many packaged meals and snacks for toddlers contain worrisome amounts of salt and sugar. This is a major concern because it could potentially give children an early preference for foods that may contribute to obesity and high blood pressure. Researchers at the federal Centers for...

Piercing Your Baby’s Ear

baby Piercing
In some culture’s it is normal to pierce a baby’s ear when he or she is new born. But others can choose to do so after a couple of months or even several years down the line. Here are some factors that can help you in piercing your baby’s ear. Age-The right age to pierce...

Ways to reduce SIDS in babies

Ways to reduce SIDS in babies
  What is SIDS? Sudden infant death syndrome is the unexpected and unexplained sudden death of an infant between the age of one month and one year. The actual reason for this unexpected is not yet discovered. The rate of infant death is highest in between the age of 2 months and 4 months. The cause...

How to talk about god to your kids

How to talk about god to your kids
A child, no doubt, is a great matter of joy but he is also a greater responsibility. Parenting is not just about providing a child with his requirements but it is more about introducing the child to the world or better, bringing the worldly matters before him in his or her way or rather...

Smartness quotient in messy kids

Smartness quotient in messy kids
Next time you are scolding your child for being messy, think again, maybe he is a lot smarter than his peers. Latest research conducted in the University of Iowa indicates that kids who smash, swoosh and throw their food may actually be in a learning mode while having their meals. As per results of...

Checklist for knowing if you are spending enough time with your kids

The greatest guilt that most of the working mothers carry is being not able to spend enough time with their kids. Of course, we feel that if we have all other infrastructure set in place, we are providing enough to our kids. But then quality time matters and moms need to really keep a...

All About Taking your Kid to the Dentist for the First Time

taking kid for a dental checkup
Taking your kid to the dentist for the first time may be as early as you may realize! Although it depends on parents that when they wish to take their child for a dental checkup but preferably the age of two and a half to three is considered best. This is because till that...

What you should look for while designing your baby’s room

designing your baby's room
Designing a baby’s room is one of the best parts of prepping for Baby. The special place that she can call her own should be warm and inviting. Definitely it is a slightly challenging task. There are so many decisions to make. However, you can design it in a fun way. Rather than making it...

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