5 Fun Ways to Ice a Cake

Apart from the eating aspect, a cake appears deliciously mouth watering when the icing is done right. It is not only fun to relish the buttery cream but also to let your creativity run wild with the frosting. Moreover, it is also a chirpy way to spend time with your little one in between...

Zing up your evening snack with Sardine-Potato Cakes!

Are you looking for a perfect snack this rainy season? Do you Love to satisfy your tongue with some soft tangy recipes? Never think about going outside and buying some unhealthy oily snacks for your children and rust out their life. Make it healthy and tasty with your own cooking style. So, let’s brighten...

How to eat oats for Breakfast?

Among the healthiest grains on Earth, Avena Sativa the scientific name for Oats comes first on the list. This whole grain is a great source of Vitamin, minerals, antioxidants and fiber that have many benefits such as weight reduction, lowering blood sugar level, reducing the risk of heart disease. This nutritious composition of oats...

Smoothie Recipes that never fail : Easy & Yum!

Have you ever craved for something sweet? Have you ever turned to a fruit to satisfy your sweet-tooth? Nah, that sounds uncool, right! But the amazing attribute about fruits is that they can be incorporated into literally ANYTHING! A pie, sorbet or a cocktail! Although in this post, I will be sharing smoothie recipes....

How to Make Lollypops at Home

Lollypops are candy that everyone loves to eat, no matter what the age.Most of us buy them ready made from the stores. But they can be made at home and are not at all complicated to make. Here is how we make them: What you need? Corn syrup Lollypop molds and sticks Sugar Flavoring of your choice Coloring Here is how to...

3 Ways to Make the Perfect Toast

Toast is an inevitable part of our meals. They are filling and are a great source of carbs. The best part is that it can be topped with the sauces and topping of your choice to make toast a favorite of all age groups. You can consume it as simple basic toast or glamorize it...

5 Mistakes Made While Baking Brownies

5 Mistakes made while baking brownies
No one can resist a good brownie. Top it with chocolate sauce and ice cream and you've nearly reached heaven. We all have reached out for brownies when in need of comfort, be it the occasion of a break up or even a denied promotion at work. Baking brownies however is not as simple as...

10 tricks to Make the Perfect Pie Crust

10 tricks to make the perfect pie crust
All festive occasions call for pies. But there are a certain tricks and tips that help you get that wonderful golden flakey crust. All times favorites like pumpkin and berry pies can be made yummier with a perfect crust. A perfect crust is flaky, golden and buttery in flavor. Here are 10 tips and tricks...

How to make the perfect Chocolate Ganache

How to make the perfect Chocolate Ganache
All of us love our chocolate cakes and desserts. And Ganache forms an important element or part of these heavenly delights. It might seem to all that view these desserts that they are really hard t make. But trust me once you make it, you’ll never stop using it in your desserts. Here’s how we...

How to make mayonnaise at home from scratch

How to make mayonnaise at home from scratch
This creamy sauce that was created in Europe is now a condiment that no one can do without across the globe. There are lots of varieties of mayonnaise, also popularly called as mayo, available in the market. Most of us buy the ones that come in a jar from the store. Let me ask...

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