30 Sep 2023

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Tips to Get Your Child to Read

8 Tips to Get Your Child to Read 

Reading is supposed to be one of the best habits a person can cultivate. Some children just don’t take to reading like others. They might not like having to sit in one place with their nose between the pages of a book.You can’t force them…

9 Toys Every Toddler Must Own

9 Toys Every Toddler Must Own 

There are lots of toys available in the market. Most of the modern toys involve a lot of sound and entertainment but offer nothing in terms of creativity and brain development.Remember to buy toys that will stimulate your child’s brain along with having lots of…

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What is false pregnancy and why does it occur? 

Pregnancy is something that brings an overwhelming experience to the expecting parents. But, at times, science surprises us with a condition called pseudocyesis or false pregnancy where a woman feels every symptom of being pregnant yet is actually not pregnant. This is one of the…

Homework Blues
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5 Strategies to Handle Homework Blues 

After the summer holiday break students are back to school which can be fun as well as frustrating for both children and parents. Back-to-school means it’s time for school supplies, hurly-burly morning, and the hassle of homework. Especially after a long day, they feel exhausted…

Signs that your child is happy at school

Signs That Your Child Is Happy at School 

Do you constantly worry about your child and wonder if they are happy at school? Do you look for signs showing they are bored at school? Fret not! In this blog, we will provide you with a list of signs that show your child is…