31 May 2023

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Keep Your Desk Job Cool and Healthy

Keep Your Desk Job Cool and Healthy 

Sitting for so long without any breaks can exhaust the mind. Always choose a quick walk to escape from sleepiness. Sitting is a new form of smoking, people are at high risk for those who are following a desk job without any proper exercise, especially…

Tips to beat loneliness at work

How to Feel Less Lonely at Work? 

Loneliness at work has become one of the major concerns in this digital world. If you feel that you are distanced from your colleagues physically or emotionally, we can provide you with some tips and suggestions to deal with these issues. Feeling lonely can also…

Women Freedom

What Freedom Means for Women? 

What is freedom for a woman? Have you ever pondered why women are constantly referenced when the word “freedom” is used. Ever wonder why women must continually battle for their fundamental human rights? Why do men grant us freedom and make decisions about what we…

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Common Email mistakes to avoid 

Email is a vital communication tool in the modern world, yet despite its widespread use, many people still make frequent errors while writing emails. In this blog, we’ll be addressing typical email mistakes and discussing ways of avoiding common email mistakes and navigating common email…