09 Dec 2023

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Mistakes We Make While Applying Eyeliner

5 Mistakes We Make While Applying Eyeliner 

Eyeliner makeup might be a small cosmetic, but it adds more definition to your face. It highlights the eyes by either making them look smaller or bigger. Eyeliner is a simple tool but not easy. One must have eyeliner techniques, skills, and patience, especially, to…

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10 Steps To Makeup Removal 

At the end of a long day, when you come back from a party or function, you may feel tired to remove your makeup before getting into bed. You can reduce the wrinkles and excessive oil from your skin by removing the makeup. What is…

Makeup Hacks And Tricks
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Incredible Makeup Hacks 

Makeup or cosmetics can be counted as one of the favourite passions of women. Some ladies have a flair for buying and collecting valuable cosmetics, whether they may actually use it or just adorn their dressing tables. Some are very fond of makeup and are…