03 Oct 2023

Author: Nancy

Skin & Hair Care

Healthier skin just in a week 

You skin is the replica of your health on the inside of the body. Follow the given schedule with useful guidelines suggested for a brighter, better and a healthier skin in just a week’s time. Monday: Grab a meal of oily fish. Omega 3 fats…

Utility room storage ideas
Home & Kitchen

Utility Room Storage Ideas 

Interiors and exteriors of a house play a very dynamic role in making an impression. A well groomed interior and less cluttered house makes the guest as well as the residents feel pleased and positive. Due to the flat systems evolving in residences and also…

Tricks to Apply Powder Blush Naturally

Tricks to Apply Powder Blush Naturally 

Do you avoid applying powder blush in the fear of appearing like a clown? But in reality, a touch of color on your cheeks can highlight those cheekbones and give an image of being flushed. Color The first and foremost important thing to applying powder…

5 Mistakes we make while applying eyeliner

5 Mistakes We Make While Applying Eyeliner 

No makeup bag or kit is complete without eyeliner. As simple as it may sound, drawing one’s lids with a liner is actually quiet complicated. Here are some tips so that you can avoid making mistakes that most of us make when applying eyeliner. Dry…

3 Simple ways to curl your hair
Skin & Hair Care

3 Simple Ways to Curl Your Hair 

Curls keep coming and going out of fashion. Some people are naturally blessed with curls while others are not.You can always go to a beauty salon and get a perm done. But then, think again. All these perming creams and heating appliances used on the…

Tips to dress a pear shaped body
Style N Fashion

Tips To Dress a Pear Shaped Body 

Most women are blessed with such a pear shaped figure. No one is happy with their figure. They all wish god had made them different in some or the other way.Pear shaped women are faced with the problem of a pinched waist, slimmer upper body…