03 Oct 2023

Author: Joisey

Are Men with Beards More Desirable
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Are Men with Beards More Desirable? 

From celebrities to rock stars, men with beards are popular. Over the years, beards have been associated with everything from climate to culture and religion. Besides, many individuals jump to various conclusions regarding the beard. Are bearded men more attractive? Most women prefer full-bearded men…

How to Be Safe on the Internet
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How to Be Safe on the Internet? 

The internet matters a lot in the present environment. After the pandemic, people use the internet to study, work, shop, entertain and consult a doctor. Cyberbullying also increases when individuals spend more time on the internet. Cybercrimes are very common these days and people of…

The Ripple Effects of Layoffs
Career & Money, empowerment, Work

The Ripple Effects of Layoffs 

The Covid-19 pandemic affected the global economy widely and many companies struggled to exist forever. Layoff refers to the termination of employees by a company due to low profit and large tech industries have experienced this recently. Mass layoffs affect the business, employees, and the…

Common reason for employee resignations
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7 Reasons Employees Leave Their Jobs 

The number of employees leaving their jobs is increasing each year. Individuals quit their jobs for different reasons, which can be professional or personal. Personal reasons are often challenging for employers to address, but professional reasons can be more easily handled by the company. On…