09 Dec 2023

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5 best dog command
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Basic Dog Commands 

Dog parents should cherish puppy love, as it is the best feeling in any relationship. Teach your dog the right things, just like you educate your children, for their own good. While a paid trainer can provide knowledge, your pup wants to be educated. 5…

Things to remember for new cat owners

Things To Remember For New Cat Owners 

Pets are great companions, be it a dog or a cat. Pets offer solace, joy, cheer and make great friends too. At the same time you should also realize that pets are a great responsibility too and that means making changes in your home and…

Foods Dogs should never eat

Foods dogs should never eat 

The wolf descendants have been the man’s best friend since time immemorial. True as much as our dogs love us and are loyal to us we share the same if not more instincts for our furry friends. As they are a part of our family…

Top 5 benefits of getting a pet bird

Top 5 benefits of getting a pet bird 

Adding a pet can be a good idea of the family, but there are many aspects one has to think before making the decision. The place you live, the number of family members, your lifestyle and many other concerns should be considered before you decide…

Checking out your obsession levels for your pet

Checking out your obsession levels for pet 

Being a die hard pet lover does not bring any harm. But when this passion turns out to be an obsession, then it affects the psychological state of the person. Pet lovers often have no control over their feelings when they keep their pets with…

handle clawing habit of your cat

Tips to handle clawing habit of your cat 

We can see a wide range of pets kept in the families around us. The most common ones are cats and dogs. Cats are known for their companionship and they can hunt the household pest or rodents. Cats are easy to pet and take very…

cats can be injurious

Pet cats can be injurious to health 

According to some studies, more than 70 million stray and feral cats are roaming the streets. These cats are no doubt carriers of a wide array of dangerous diseases but sometimes even domesticated cats caught these diseases proving that pet cats can be injurious to health…

Guard dogs are necessary for safety

Guard Dogs- Necessary for safety! 

Dogs are considered as one of the most loyal friends any human being can get. If trained in a proper way, these dogs can prove to be quite helpful. They are perfect companions for vision challenged people and a real friend for lonely people. Dogs…