Dangerous teen trends you should be aware of (USA)

Most of the teenagers of the modern culture believe that they are completely invincible and are always in search of adventures. The stunts seemingly dangerous and risky that were performed by us 10-20 years ago are tried in a more dangerous way be the teens today. Parents should be well aware of all the hazardous situations their kids and they can come across because of the explicitly impulsive outgoing attitude as a teenager.

  • Car Surfing- Surfing is a fun game and is especially brought forward to surf the waters with the help of surfboard under the professional guidance. But, teenagers have replaced this surfboard with the car rooftop. They find it adventurous to stand on the trunk or top of the moving cars, inviting ruthless deaths on their way.
  • Customized Smoking- As per the online tutorials, a fine powder is obtained by crushing a candy which is then inhaled like a smoke puffing the powder at the end of the tube. The activity is harmful, leading to several infections and chronic disorders and so, is claimed as illegal.
  • Vodka Eyeballing- To find an escape from being caught under drinking case on breath, teenagers have switched onto pouring vodka directly in the eyes. The alcohol is mixed in the blood stream through the absorption process in the mucus membrane. This can cause scarring, burning of the cornea and blindness at the extremity.
  • Planking- The strengthening of  the core was kind of cute, unless kids had taken it as a trend to something really dangerous. Planking is an act where teens lay their faces down on any random surface and click pictures. These pictures are then uploaded to some famous social media sites like Facebook and others. The act became even more dangerous when the random surfaces opened up their limits to rooftops, moving cars, trains and escalators.
  • Chatraoulette- It is a site that allows the users to experience the leverages of getting connected through their web cams from numerous people throughout the world around the clock for chat sessions that goes live. Even when the policy of Chatraoulette is strictly against inappropriate activities like nudity, and others, nuisance happens. Sexual predators make the use of this medium to interact in a harming way blackmailing the kids.
  • Hand Sanitizer- Liquid hand sanitizer is combined with salt to distill alcohol out of it. This alcohol is regarded as extremely strong and pungent both in taste and odor. Some of the teens who had consumed this hazardous blend, had fallen prey to alcohol poisoning.
  • Rainbow Parties- This party summons a group of girls to perform oral sex on same guys wearing eclectic shades of lipsticks. By the end of the party, guys’ genitals have varied colors of lipstick shades just like a mimic of a rainbow.
  • Bath Salts- These contain a combination of two drugs- mephedrone and MDVP. These drugs cause severe psychosis and hallucinations in the consumers who usually inject, snort or smoke substances. Intense craving may even lead to death and suicidal rates.