tips-to-wear-lipstickLooking beautiful and getting compliments is a dream of every woman. Cosmetics and beauty products are always on top of the shopping lists. Lipstick is a vital part of makeup today and a woman cannot think of stepping out without a lipstick. Lipstick contains oils, waxes and emollients. Today, lots of varieties of lipsticks are available in many colors. The price of a lipstick can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on the brand of lipstick you buy. Lipstick was used in ancient times by Ancient Mesopotamian women.

Applying lipstick can be tough for some women as they are not aware of the process, especially if the lipstick is of dark shades. If you are dressed for a party, then follow some simple steps to apply the lipstick for those perfect looking lips.

  1. Prepare your lips for lipstick that will stay longer and make your lips look beautiful. If they are dry, any lipstick won’t look good on them. If you know that your lips are dry, then apply some cream or a lip balm to soften them. Apply it before the party so that they are soft enough.
  2. Choose the correct shade which can match your attire. Not all shades look good on everyone. Skin color is the most important part that determines the color shade. Experiment with a few shades to check out which shade suits you the most. Follow the thumb rules of makeup. Brunettes can try some deeper colors and blonds should wear light shades.
  3. Apply the lip liner if you want your lipstick to stay longer. It is essential to make a lip liner base first. Never use the contrast shades for the lipstick and the lip liner. Dark lip liner never goes well with light colored lipstick. Always use similar shades or nude shades that match well with the lipstick shade.
  4. Fill the lips with the lipstick with whichever way you find easier. Some women use the tube directly where in some use their hands to apply. Use the convenient way for you. If you are applying the lipstick with a brush, make sure that the brush is clean and dry. Start applying the lipstick from the center towards the corners till the whole lips are not filled.
  5. Use a tissue to blot the lipstick. This process will make the lipstick last longer.
  6. Apply the lipstick on the blotted lips for the second time. This will give the exact color on the lips.Repeat the blotting process again with the help of a new and clean tissue. It will remove the extra lipstick from the lips.
  7. For the final touch and shine, apply the layer of lip gloss in the middle of the lips and spread it to the corner of the lips. For matte look, do not apply the lip gloss and keep the lipstick as it is.

It is always suggested that a girl should carry the same lipstick, a makeup remover wipe, some tissues, a compact, a mirror and a lip brush in her bag for quick touch ups. Long lasting and expertly applied lipstick will surely make you look gorgeous. It is not at all hard to get lips that look flawless. Try it now.