09 Feb 2023

Author: Pozhil

Image of a tea plantation women workers
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Top 6 Jobs Dominated by Women 

The term ‘pink-collar job’ is often used by economists to explain female-dominated jobs statistics. Paid jobs all over the world are dominated by men while women work unpaid jobs like child-rearing, house maintenance, and caregiving. Over time, the percentage of women employed in paid jobs…

Collage of alternatives to crackers.
Diwali Tips

How Can We Celebrate Diwali Without Fireworks? 

Diwali and fireworks go hand in hand with each other. It is one of the most fun things most people look forward to during the festival, apart from sweets and new dresses, of course! But the environmental impact of these fireworks has been debated for…

Manage Your Finances with Confidence
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Tips for Mastering Your Finances 

An often overlooked part of women’s life is their money management skills. Women are known to run the family by managing everyday finances. They keep tabs on income generated, spent, and saved by their family. But when taking and applying their money management tips in…