Regular waxing itself is very painful. So if you have not experienced a bikini wax be prepared for it to be extra painful, as you are dealing with sensitive areas of your body.

Of course you cannot do without a bikini wax if you want to head out to the beach. So here are a few ways to make the experience less painful:

1. Timing

Timing is the key in waxing. Choose to wax just after your periods. The body is more sensitive to pain before you get your periods. So choose to wax at a time when the pain can become more tolerable.

You should also consider fixing the appointment an hour or two after a warm shower. The warmth from the shower will help in opening up the pores.

2. Don’t be conscious

Yes you are going to get a bikini wax done. Not only is someone you have never met before going to see you nearly naked but you also are going to be in a vulnerable painful worst in her hands.

So stop the consciousness. It is the lady’s job and you’re not the first person getting it done. So get over it and relax.

3. Slow and steady

If you are getting a bikini wax for the first time, then you might want to consider getting a regular wax the first time, instead of rushing into a Brazilian wax that might be more painful and hard to bear for first timers.

4. Exfoliate

The day before your scheduled waxing session, exfoliate in a warm shower so that you get off the dead skin, so that it makes it easier for the wax to get a better grip over the tiny hairs.

5. Type of wax

Some people might be able to tolerate the pain from both hard and soft waxes. But the harder varieties of wax are best for bikini waxing as they gentler to get the hair off.

6. Speak up

If the beautician is hurting you while waxing, do not hesitate to share it with her. Sharing it might make the experience more pleasant and bearable, as she might try to reduce the pain by adopting a different method of pulling off the wax etc…

7. Pain relief

If you are really sensitive to pain, consider taking a pain reliever like Advil or any others an hour before the appointment so that it may reduce the pain caused in the process.

8. Breathe

Breathing right can help in pain control. Consider breathing in when wax is applied and breathing out when it’s being pulled off. These breathing exercises might provide a distraction to the actual pain.

9. Cough or pinch

When the wax strip is being pulled off your body, you can pinch or cough, so that your body is distracted from the pain.

Try these steps to experience a bikini wax that is nearly painless or more comfortable that it can be.