We all know the importance of Vitamins needed for our body. Well, do you know any vitamin or a single ingredient that can be used in hair, face, nail and lips? Yah! Vitamin E, a super potent antioxidant and nutrient used in all beauty products work magic. This powerful fat-soluble antioxidant can be used on face or swallowed as a capsule. This dietary supplement helps neutralize harmful free radicals and prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer ailments. Other than this, Vitamin E capsules have more amazing benefits than you would not have imagined of.

Powerful benefits of Vitamin E Oil
Powerful Benefits of Vitamin E Oil

Thinking of what happens to skin when applied? Here it is…

1. Skin Nourishing

Massaging this oil to the skin, will help in nourishing the skin, making you healthier. Applying this Vitamin oil regularly on the skin makes the skin nerves stronger and gives a glowing pattern.

Skin Nourishing
Skin Nourishing

2. Treating Stretch Marks

Some doctors recommend Vitamin oil for mothers to reduce their stretch marks. Rub it gently over the birthmark area, to reduce the appearance.

3. Anti-aging Formulae

Do you have wrinkles around your eyes and chicks, then apply this Vit E oil with your regular creams for best results. This oil reverses the aging process making you look and feel 20+ younger.

Anti-aging Formulae
Anti-aging Formulae

4. Treats Dark circles and Scars

Many women have dark circles that are caused due to stress n’ less sleep. Apply this magic oil under your eyes during nighttime. You can also apply it for 2-3 days along with normal creams. This also helps in regenerating new skin cells and lights the dark spots n’ scars.

5. Controls Sunburns

As we know that Vit E oil is the powerhouse of antioxidants, Applying dewdrops over the sunburn area helps in neutralizing the ultraviolet radiations and eases sunburns. This also acts as skin moisturizer to smoothen your face.

Controls Sunburns
Controls Sunburns

Hope you do come up with the idea of using Vit E oil on face. Bye!