When it comes to hair coloring there are numerous shades to try which is rather confusing. New styles and shades come and go. Here are some of the hot shades which are going to be on trend this summer.

Dirty Brunette


It’s more of a wash than a dye. It is a kind of fantasy shade that can merge with any pastel color like magic. It gives a drastic change to hair color. Don’t go for it if you are not prepared for it yet. You need to consult with your stylist before getting this done as the shade is not suitable for all skin tones. But don’t worry,you can do streaks instead of going for full pastel shade.

Living Coral



It is pantone’s color of the year. It’s bold, bright and vibrant. It is more suitable for blonde hair. If you have a dark mane it is bleached before applying this dye. You can either accentuate your hair with this lively color or can get it done for full hair.

Dark Blonde



Dark blonde is a shade that suit most of the people as it blends with almost all skin tones. It gives a natural look. Though there are many shades of dark blonde, chocolate blonde is a perfect shade for 2019. You can choose from a variety of dark blonde shades from mushroom blonde, blonde roast, chocolate chip cookie hair, etc

Dusty copper



If you are not a fan of bright red but want a notable change this is the best option. It’s subtle but vibrant. It gives the effect of toned down red. It gives a classy look.



This shade is truly a fantasy. Good news is it is exclusive for dark colored hair. It has purple tones and some blue to give dimension. You have variety of shades and styles to try, depending on the length, thickness and type of your hair.



The shade stays between brunette and blonde. It is a brown and blonde combination which exuberates a bright cool shade. Bronde is an ideal color if you haven’t tried any color so far and when you don’t want any drastic change. It gives a subtle and more natural result. You can choose from a wide range of bronde shades according to your skin tone. You can experiment with different highlights. Brown hair with blonde highlights is classy while a blonde with brown highlights is hot and chic.