Take Care this Winter

Winter seems to be a favorite season for many people. The sunny mornings, piping hot food and many other activities top the things to do list in this wonderful season. However, one thing that loses the luster in this cold season is skin. The care regimen takes a back seat at times and this often results in tons of problems. Not only the skin, but hair and health require equal attention so that one could make the most of this season.

Need for Moisture

To retain the moisture is the prime concern for everyone during the winter. The season of winter is such that it makes the skin look dry and patchy. The problem only aggravates those who already suffer from a dry skin. Hence, one should prepare the skin for the cold season much before its arrival. It is necessary to choose the moisturizer with caution. One can consult a dermatologist for the same too.

Reason for Sunscreen

While many people like basking in the sunlight during the winter season, others stay away from the same for many reasons. The sunlight is good for health, however, only the early morning ones. Rest of the time, it is necessary to slather the skin with good amount of sunscreen. The sun could be equally harsh during the cold season. Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before heading out. It needs to be applied frequently if one remains outdoors for long.

Winter Hair Care

Hair too requires equal care and caution during the winter season. The scalp might become dry and hair brittle during this season. The shampoos and other hair care products should moisturize the scalp. However, the products should not be much oily or they might end up harming the hair. To prevent damages, one might opt for hair treatment occasionally during the season.

Opt for Warm and not Hot

While winter is the season to enjoy everything piping hot, right from food to bath, one should take caution. The temperature in the room should be warm and not very hot. It might damage the skin and absorb all the moisture out of it. The same is true for the bath water. It should be warm for the skin. Moisturizing after a hot bath is a great help.

Eat well

Outside care is good in winter, however, what the skin and body needs is extra nutrition in the winter. Fast foods might be tempting; they are just high in fat, sugar, or salt. However, they do less good than harm the body. Hence, intake of junk foods should be limited. The diet should include seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other healthy options.


Winter is the best time to begin an exercise routine. It not only helps manage the weight, but keeps one fit. The tendency of putting up weight increases in this season. Hence, one should decide on a routine and stick to it. A simple 40 minute walk is good enough for beginners. It helps people keep fit and healthy all year round.

Just like other seasons, winter season requires people to sleep for at least 8 hours. This helps keep the immune system of the body healthy. Besides keeping warm is another thing that helps in preventing from many diseases like flu, cold, and other health hazards. Any kind of alcoholic drink, tobacco, or caffeinated drinks should be strictly prohibited to maintain a healthy life.