Protect Against Skin Cancer

Since its commencement in the year 1979, the Skin Cancer Foundation has repeatedly recommended the use of a sunscreen that constituted SPF 15 or higher as one vital element of the entire regime of sun protection. The ultraviolet radiations thrown out by the sun can damage your skin to a noticeable extent in just a time of as little as 15mins. However, not alone the sunscreen in suffice. There are even more tips that will help you protect against skin cancer.

  1. Embrace the Shade- The heat of the scorching sun and the exposure to ultraviolet radiation may cause high chances of cancer. So, in order to avoid the risk, try to be in shade in the particular time span of morning to evening i.e.10 A.M. to 4 P.M.
  2. Cover Your Body- Ultraviolet radiations are extremely hazardous in the outdoor environments, and thus the CDC recommends you to wear those kind of loose fitting clothes which will sufficient enough to genuinely cover your arms and legs from exposing to the sunlight.
  3. Hat- Go for a hat that has a brim in all the way around in order to offer shade to your ears, face and also the back of the neck. Canvas type tight woven textured fabric works magic in playing a vital role in protecting you from the UV radiations. Opt for darker hats avoiding the straws or the net pattern that allows the passing of the sunrays.
  4. Sunglasses- To mitigate the risk of cataracts, sunglasses are a wise way to stay safe from the harmful UV rays. It also offers the protection to the tender skin that surrounds your eyes, thereby giving them complete sun protection. Sunglasses are important as they block UVA rays and also the UVB rays providing you the best of protection. Numerous sunglasses in the United States available for sale, meet this standard; regardless of the cost. The best way to refrain the UV rays sneak in from the sides is to count of the wrap-around sunglasses.
  5. Visit a Dermatologist- Do not hesitate to book an appointment with your nearest and reliably efficient dermatologist if in case you happen to notice heavy wrinkles on your face that appear to be abnormal. Even for a mole, that is changing a lot faster, seeing a doctor is highly recommended without considering the symptom trivial.
  6. Do not fool your skin with tanning bed- Despite the statement made by the salon receptionist, browning one’s body in a bed is not less harmful as that over the beach, Even if there are number of federal guidelines are set by the experts, not all of them are followed promptly. So, be vigilant about the pros and cons and evaluate with the specialist accordingly.