Grin and Bare It

Women, the most beautiful creation of God, needs to look at their best each time they step out of house. Hence, the growth and visibility of hair in different body areas is a serious no-no issue for the women. The mission is to remove the unwanted hair from their body. However, the trigger is that it should be less painful and have maximum skin pampering that can be done for the skin. There is good news, with the help of latest technology and innovations, the less pain and much gain is possible. It will be less torturous, faster, and less messy. Have a look at some of the best hair removal products and tools.

Hair Removal Products and Tools:

  1. Use of Cold Wax Strips: Dermatologists and skin experts lay keen emphasis towards the perfection and beauty of skin. Since, women are more conscious towards beauty, skin experts suggest them to adopt safe measures for doing so. Presence of extra  hair on the face and in the eyebrow can hamper the look . In such a case, women can go in for Parissa Brow Shaper mini wax strips. These are cold wax strips which can be applied on the desired area and get the hair removed. They adhere to only hair not to skin and are also thick not to drop into the eye. The same cool wax can be used for upper lips, chin, and side burn area.
  2.  Benefits of Bikini Wax: Women are more responsive towards utilization of razor rather than wax. However, skin experts recommend utilization of wax over razors. Wax is practically more effective as it prevents growth of internal hair line. There are different types of wax that cater to specific areas. In case of bikini wax, it is recommended to use a hard thick wax without strip. It has a lower melting point than others. It also functions like shrink wrap around crude hairs, making it easier to remove such hair quickly. Despite of going through that “ouch” feeling, it is advisable to only stick to waxing.
  3.  Bare Ease and Cream prep kit: This is the best kit for painless hair removal of the sensitive areas, such as the bikini line. This kit was developed by a certified anesthesiologist so as to have less discomfort when it comes to hair removal. It is  a numbing cream and a latex panty in it. When you have an appointment for wax or laser, wear this panty 30 minutes prior to the appointment. So when you are ready for the treatment, the process will be easy with unheard and comfortable hair removal experience. There are two sizes available in this kit-S/L and M/L.
  4. Use of Quality Shaving Cream: Waxing and Shaving are the best methods to remove the hair from the areas like hands, bikini line, under-arms, and legs. Waxing is a little lengthy process and painful. The hair removal process in waxing includes removing of hair from the roots. It extends for like 3 weeks before the hair growth. Shaving is the easiest, less painful and low time consuming method. Use a best hydrating shaving cream and start the process.

The major drawback of shaving can be seen when the visibility of hair is prominent on the next day as well. Since shaving removes the hair bluntly from the surface, it needs to be repeated again and again.