5 Things that make men insecure

As macho as men seem to be, oozing with confidence, they also suffer from insecurities which I’m sure they will never want to share with their women. I’m writing this as a help to women out there so that you know what your man is thinking at times when his confidence levels just drop.

Men usually don’t show that they are affected by stuff such as the way they look etc… But the fact is that men also have a sensitive side, which never comes to see the light of day because of the image that men have in society of being macho and having a big ego that is unbreakable.

Here are some things that are actually killing men from the inside and making them feel insecure:

1. Finance

Men are always worried their finances. And especially if they are dating a lovely woman or if they are married and their peers are living a better life then this fact is sure to hit them in the gut.

The fact about not taking you out in a luxury car or taking you to dine in a fancy restaurant is actually making him feel insecure. He thinks that he cannot provide you with all the things that money can buy but he cannot buy for you. What men need to remember is that money cannot buy love but it can keep things comfortable between the two of you. It’s all about romance, the atmosphere and his attitude.

2. Balding

You might find it crazy to believe the fact that men give a lot of importance to their hair. Men consider their hair to be the sign of their masculinity and impotency.

Men know that women view with receding hairlines as those who have past the stage of youth and left with nothing but his sense of humor to cover it up. Men just don’t stop being men just because they have lost all the hair on their head.

3. Fitness

It can be an embarrassment for men to sport a beer belly. Men now know that the way they look without clothes also matter to women.

They might experience embarrassment and a loss of confidence if they catch you staring at the flab on their body. Do not expect to see the chiseled body of movie stars or models in every guy that you meet. Every guy has their lows and weaknesses.

4. Sex and the size of penis

It’s not only the women but men too that are worried about their performance in bed. Men worry about the size of their penises and what you make of them. They worry if they can perform well and fulfill your expectations of them.

Some problems arise in the minds of men because they envision real sex to be like that of which they watch on the television. So just go with the flow and enjoy the moment and read the signals that each other are making to make the experience more joyful.

5. Knowledgeable and being cultured

Not everyone has travelled or has much bookish knowledge. If you as a woman keep mentioning your travels or bookish knowledge when you are together, your guy might soon land up with a complex of not knowing much.

So all you women out there, do not make a guy lose his self-confidence because of you. Make him feel comfortable and also don’t forget to make him know that you are dating him for what he is and not with any unrealistic expectations.

The problem with the men is that these issues lie in their head and they often make a mountain of a molehill. So give the guy a break, he’s human too and isn’t made to be perfect.