5 Things men lie about in their dating profiles

So you are checking out men on dating portals online. It is common for people to lie on these websites. As a matter of fact research has shown that almost 70% of the people lie on some aspect or the other.There are some areas where men hide the fact more than others.


  • This is the most commonly lied about fact by men. All men want to date younger women. It soothes and massages their ego. So unless they specify a younger age, the younger women are not going to want to look through their profiles.
  • So a tip to all you women out there, unless you want to date an older man, it makes sense to search for a man who is closer to your age group.
  • For example if a man specifies 25 as his age, most likely he will be 35 in real life. So beware!


  • Men think that if they inflate their actual job roles or jobs women get impressed. So if you’re date tells you that he is the CEO of a company, you have every right not to believe him, as he might actually be the CEO of his own company wherein he is the first employee of a startup company.
  • So don’t go by the job role or responsibilities specified in the website.

Relationship status

  • In most cases, men are here to have a fun relationship and especially to get laid. Do not think they are here to get seriously involved with you no matter what their relationship status quotes.
  • So if a man has specified ‘Just divorced and looking for another soul mate’, or ‘single and looking for girlfriend’, chances are that he might still be in a relationship or is in an open relationship.

Physical Stats

  • All men want to appear the best in order to impress the women into dating them. So do not get mislead by profile pictures or the actual physical stats mentioned in the website. Your date might have specified his height as 5 feet 11 inches and his weight as 70. But don’t be surprised to find him short and stout when you do actually meet him on your first date in person.


  • Your date’s online profile might be filled with tones of descriptions about himself which might not actually be true. For example he might have written that he enjoys adventure sports. But don’t be surprised to find out that his idea of adventure sports involve rock climbing at your nearest mall.
  • Men love to show off and make it seem as if they know a lot. He might quote the names of a lot of international wines and in reality he might not have stepped out of the United States of America.

So if you are dating online, make sure you are aware of the lies men love to tell women so that they can impress women into dating them. Beware!