5 Ways to ease the shift from home to a dorm

The shift from home to a new place, with all strangers around can seem quiet scary. Stress coupled with anxiety and loneliness is what most first years will be feeling in the first few days. Usually the fresher’s party hosted by the college does nothing much to ease the fear or anxiety of the newbies to the college.

Here are a few tips to make the transition easier:

1.Bring a few things from home

Bring a part of your from back home. It can be a picture, a favorite piece of clothing and even something as cheesy as a stuffed toy. Just make sure to use this only as a reminder and not as a thing for you to cling onto home and sob all day.

2. Be proactive in making friends

You are not the only one who is feeling all lost and lonely about coming to a new place. Do not categorize your roomies or classmates immediately.

Take that extra effort to make others comfortable around you. Before your classes actually start, make a couple of friend so that you will not be roaming around the unfamiliar campus all alone and have someone to share your new experiences which will be new for them too.

3.Keep busy

Keep yourself busy at all times. No matter what you do, cleaning, studying, socializing or even reading, the key is to keep busy so that you don’t get the chance to feel lonely or depressed.

4.Join clubs to do what you love

Do what you love to do. For example if you enjoy acting then find out the drama club in your college, or if you love writing join the college newspaper as a reporter or writer. The options are endless, especially in college. Make friends in these clubs, be bold and have a blast.

5.Keep in touch with home

Don’t forget to keep in touch with home. Make regular calls and feel loved and comforted.

Don’t miss out on the fun you will have in your college days. They are days to be cherished forever and not to be spent moping about the past and home.