win your ex-boyfriend back

Want to have your ex-boyfriend back?

There are many things that can be done to win his mind and get your boyfriend back.

  • Think about the reason why he should want you back.
  • If you are serious, you need to put in the effort in a relationship.
  • Don’t make him realize that you are so fond of him, that you want him back.
  • Dress in your own comfort wear. This can make him feel about the old times and he may feel at ease around you.
  • See the signs to know that he likes you
  • If he is happier with someone else than you. Leave him and move ahead.
  • You can settle with another guy who can make you happy.
  • If he doesn’t like something specific, work on a particular aspect of your behaviour. But don’t change your behaviour entirely.

Think about:-

  1. Analyze the reasons that why did the breakup happened. Talk to him and discuss things. Think of why you want him back. If you are the one who broke up, then think again that why do you want him back.
  2. Do not make him realize that you are desperate for him. Spent some days for you. Pamper yourself, get a haircut. Do not beg and plead him to come back. Tel him small things about your time spent together. He will know that you are still thinking about hm.
  3. Do not talk serious topics with him. Let him enjoy your company. You have to understand that you will have plenty of time for these serious topics.
  4. Plan steps that can help you to get him closer to you. You can do such things easily, but if he has moved on in life, then do not try to interfere in his life.
  5. If the guy is already in relationship with some other girl, then do not bother. Dress in a more attractive way. He can make the difference of what he had and what he has.
  6. If he has dumped you, let him know that you care for him in the initial days. Later find out if he is over you, and then dress very attractively. Put snaps on your Facebook, so that he can look at them. Act like a changed girl full of confidence, look beautiful and work on your dressing senses.
  7. If he is with his friends, talk more to his friends than him. Make him jealous and this sign can make him want you back.
  8. Do not repeat the same mistakes twice. Change the wrong things that you were doing with him that he didn’t like. Never make him realize that you have changed.
  9. Accompany or follow him in his tasks. If he wants to hang out with you, you can do that. Talk to him, go out with him and take your own decisions.

Getting into a motive to get your ex boyfriend back can be very time consuming and exhausting both physically and mentally but you have to do this if you are really serious about getting him back. Best of Luck!