There are a few rules when you fall in love. Or to be precise, there are a few people that you are not supposed to fall in love with. The list is not very big, but it is strictly a no no for these people. Never fall in love with your boss, someone who is very young or very older than you, your friend’s ex or the worst can be your best friend’s current boyfriend or girlfriend.  Hooking up with him is not at all allowed, but if you still have very hard feelings for him and cannot control then there are few things that you should follow.

What if you fall in for your friend’s boyfriend?

  1. Do not put any extra effort to impress him or look drop dead gorgeous in front of him. You have to act totally normal and treat him like any other guy. There is a different story if you want to take that step ahead and confess him. That may lead to a tussle between your friend and you. But do not encourage such things and behave absolutely normal. This might be difficult for you, but taking an interest in your friend’s boyfriend will alert your friend.
  2. Leave the couple alone and try not to spend time with them.  Every couple needs some personal time and value their time. Even if your friend invites you for any event, politely decline for most of the times. Don’t do this always as it will sound rude and decline the invitation when you feel that it will be awkward for you to handle the situation.
  3. If you like your best friend’s boyfriend, then behave very smart. Don’t get over friendly with him and do not spend time with him. Try to avoid situations and be polite to him. If your friend ever invented that you like him, you may end up screwing up the situation and your friendship.
  4. Spend time with your friend more than her boyfriend. This will discourage your feelings towards your best friend’s boyfriend. Be nice to her and accompany her to the salon, shopping and spend lots of time with her. The closer you get with her the less you will have thoughts about hurting her.
  5. Remember that your friendship is valuable and your feelings for this guy will fade with time. Try not to betray your friend, but in some cases we cannot choose the people we love so do not feel guilty.
  6. If the feeling is mutual from the guy, then he will certainly end up his relations with your friend. Have patience and go real slow about it and don not be the first girl with him after he has just broken up with your friend.
  7. Your friend has been with all the time, so don’t lie to her and tell her your secrets. May be she will angry for some time initially, but might help you later. Do not try to date the guy behind her back as she will feel betrayed.

So, think wisely. If you have really deep feelings, then only take a step ahead. Best of luck!