4 Reasons that men think are ruining their marriage

We all have our reasons as to why the marriage is not working. For us women it could be that our husbands are not listening to what we have to say or even the fact that they don’t lend a helping hand to complete the chores in the house. But the men have a totally different point of view. Have you ever wondered what men have running in their heads when you guys fight?

After talking confidentially about their personal married lives with a lot of men, I have come to realize that there are four reasons that men think that are ruining their marriage.

1. Nagging

Most men complain that their women nag. Even asking your husband to take out the trash is considered to be nagging according to men. A simple pointer to you women out there, if you do have to get some work out of your man, make it sound as if he is doing to a favor and not otherwise.

For example, if you want him to pick the groceries on the way, instead of giving orders or giving an ultimatum by saying, ‘Pick the groceries on the way!’ Ask him politely in a way he just can’t refuse,’ Honey I’ve got tons of work to do at home. Would you be a darling and pick up the groceries on your way back from work? I really am tied down today.’ The way words are spelt out to men makes a lot of difference. Asking them to do stuff makes it seem to men as if you are nagging them.

2. Women talk too much

Men can’t concentrate on what being communicated to them after a certain point. They do not like their women constantly badgering them with calls, messages and e-mails. They need their breathing space. You don’t have to keep talking to get a response from your man. Give him some time and he will respond appropriately. Talk to the point and avoid having to repeat stuff and simply commenting.

3. We don’t get enough sex

Men usually want more sex than their partners. Women have several reasons not to worry about sex too much. They might have to juggle home, their career and not to forget the kids. It’s not hard to imagine why women don’t think much of sex. They just don’t have the time or the state of mind to enjoy such a laid back activity.

If your relationship is falling apart due to lack of intimacy or sex then either one of you needs to make an effort to step in and bring back the spark.  Compromise works well and both partners should amicably try and get to bed at least once in a while to keep their relationship alive.

4. It’s all about the kids

Once women become mothers their priorities change. So while having a romantic dinner with husband was considered a priority, it’s now changed to taking the kids out to the circus of the zoo. All women out there must take out sometime to spend alone with their husbands. Even if you don’t have the time, show your husband how much you love him. It can be in the form of a simple peck on the cheek or simply cuddle up with him in the night.

No matter what the problems are in a marriage, you should take the efforts to save the marriage. If whatever efforts you’re taking is not helping then do seek professional help like meeting a therapist or counselor.