5 Qualities men look for in women apart from good looks

Who said all men go by looks? There are certain other qualities that attract men more than good looks.When men date women, they fall for women by their good looks. But by the time they decide to settle down and get married they look for other good qualities that make the relationship last forever.

If you want to get lucky and marry the man of your dreams here are some qualities that you should possess:

  1. Caring- Love your partner. You need not paste it all over the walls of your house but show it in actions. Men love it when women care about the little things about them like the food they eat, the clothes they wear or even the concern shown when dealing with a crisis.
  2. Ready to compromise-We are not asking you to give up everything. But there come certain situations in life when either one of you should compromise. Life in a relationship does not move on unless either parties compromise.
  3. Funny-Like the saying ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’. If you lead lives without any laughter then you are bound to get bored of each other and look elsewhere for happiness and fun. Try to have fun with your partner and make light of life’s tough situations.
  4. Good listener-It is very important to listen to what your partner has to say to you. We women love to share everything that comes to our mind. But do give your partner some time to vent his own feelings. Trust me most men appreciate it when you listen to them without any preconceived notions as to what they will share with you. Try not to be negative in voicing your opinions about what he has to share. It will deter him from sharing his mind with you.
  5. Smart-It is a turn-on for some men to have a partner who is smarter than them. Impress your man with your brains instead of your looks. Men do get impressed when a woman proves them wrong

So don’t be misguided by the fact that men fall for women only for their good looks.