9 Weird uses of deodorant

If you’re thinking that a deodorant is used only for making your armpits smell like a flower bed, you’re wrong. A deodorant can be used to various purposes and you might be surprised to know them.

1. Stinky feet

A lot of us suffer from sweaty stinky feet. If they sweat profusely, then it might be a good idea to spray your feet liberally with a deodorant or an antiperspirant.

2. Zit or pimple

You might not like the sound of it, but applying a bit of deodorant on your face will help subside it. Apply it overnight and see them disappear in the morning.

3. Squeaky doors

If the hinges of your door have been making squeaky sounds, then spray on some deodorant and silence it.

4. Bug bites

Do you wake up in the morning with mosquito or other bug bites that itch? Then spray on some deodorant and watch the inflammation, swelling and itch disappear. Deodorant contains aluminum salts that that reduce the pain and swelling.

5. Give a matte look

Apply deodorant to the oily areas of your face before applying makeup, to give the applied makeup a matte finish.

6. Blisters

When you break in to a new shoe, you are bound to suffer from blisters. To prevent your skin for peeling off due to the blisters, spray on some deodorant to create a barrier between your feet and shoes.

7. Slip into your jeans

It can be quiet a task to slip on a pair of skin tight or skinny jeans. It might sound crazy, but spray on deodorant on your thighs and legs and see how easily they slip on.

8. Prevent sweaty palms

Are you always embarrassed by your sweaty palms when you shake hands with someone? If yes, then do spray on some deodorant that will absorb all the moisture and keep your palms dry.

9. Sweet smelling drawers

If you want your drawers to smell nice then spray some deodorant to the sheets that line your drawers and cupboards.

So which weird use of deodorant are you planning to try out?!