10 Things you should never say to your boyfriend

You may be in a comfort zone when it comes to sharing intimate details with your boyfriend but there are certain things that should never be said to your boyfriend. A little bit of discretion can go a long way helping you enjoy a nice and understanding relationship with your boyfriend. Many times, relationships break for pettiest of issues. Thus, one must be careful what she shares with her boyfriend.

To help you out, we have noted 10 things that you must avoid telling your boyfriend.

Never bring your ex in your conversation-

This is the biggest blunder one can make when it comes to being cautious when enjoying a relationship with your boyfriend. No one, not even you would like to be compared with anyone, let alone your boyfriend’s ex. The same goes with him. If you keep on bringing your ex into conversation, a time will come when he will throw the towel and leave your life for good.


Women love to gossip and they would love to share any intimate secret with their boyfriend. It may be related to your friend or any person. Secrets are not meant to be shared, even with the person who is quite close to you.

Planning family without even getting married-

As soon as a girl enters a relationship, she starts weaving dreams. They start talking about planning a family, having kids and more. This may upset your boyfriend and he may decide to bail out before things get out of hand.

Picking your boyfriend’s opinion about other girls-

Asking about your boyfriend’s opinion about a pretty girl passing by may prove to be a double edged sword for him. Either ways, he is cooked, so it is better not to put him in such a situation.

Silence is louder than the words-

There are times when one wishes to keep quiet and say nothing. But when in a company, this silence can prove to be confusing for your boyfriend. He may berate himself unnecessarily for something he thinks he may have done wrong to make you go into such a mood.

Please do not share your bathroom details with your boyfriend-

Sharing your bathroom details with your boyfriend is simply gross. To some people it may be something to laugh at but some may consider it choking.

Don’t fantasize-

It is good to fantasize once in a while but sometimes it gets too much. Give some time to your relationship and your boyfriend to understand this relationship shared by both of you.

Do not force anything on your boyfriend-

A relationship becomes successful when the give and take between two partners is equal. Thrusting something on your boyfriend without finding, whether he is comfortable or not with it, may put your relationship in jeopardy. Give him a chance to speak his mind.

Please don’t expect your boyfriend to become your critic-

Do not expect your boyfriend to voice his opinion when you ask him questions about your thighs or any other problem areas. Have faith in yourself and enjoy the relationship instead of jotting down points about what may make your boyfriend leave you.

Never criticize his mother-

Never ever criticize your boyfriend’s mother. It is wise to be diplomatic when it comes to his mother.