5 Reasons why International Travel is not a good idea with a Toddler in Tow

Travelling with kids is not usually easy. But if you want to enjoy a family vacation there is no way that you can leave them behind. The worst age to travel with your kid is when he or she is a toddler. Travelling abroad costs a lot and if you don’t enjoy it then that’s a lot of cash that’s washed down the drain.

Here are 5 reasons why you should not travel to far off international exotic locations with your toddler in tow:

  1. They won’t sit still-Your toddler would have probably just learnt to walk. But when you are travelling, you might not be in a position to let her down. For example if you’re planning a trip to the South East, the roads and footpaths are chaotic; with hundreds of places they can fall and get hurt.
  2. Diet-Toddlers usually don’t like to experiment too much with their food. It takes them a while to accept a new food. When you’re travelling abroad remember to carry a stock of food for your little one unless you want her to starve. You might find things comfortable if you find accommodation in a serviced apartment where you can cook.
  3.  Luggage-Toddlers need a lot of stuff. You need to carry everything from food, milk bottles, diapers, car seats, strollers etc… Unless you’re ready to tow a lot of suitcases, forget about travelling abroad with your little one.A lot of international locations do not have car seats or strollers available on rent. So you will have to lug them around.
  4. Difficulty on the plane-On long international flights it can be very difficult with toddlers. They would not want to sit still and the area can be quiet restrictive. They will cry and move around and trouble the remaining passengers. They will find it hard to fall asleep and basically make your journey a pain.
  5. Toddler don’t talk-Since toddlers can’t express what they are feelings vocally it becomes a problem. For example if the rickshaw ride is giving them a tummy ache they can’t tell you. You will learn about the hard way when they vomit all over you.

Save the international trips for the time when your child grows a little bigger.