5 Relationships that are best not entered into

We all enter relationships to feel loved and happy. What we expect out of our relationships is a far call away from what we actually land up with. The society that we live in has brought us up with the thought process that all is a bed of roses and there is a prince charming out there for everyone out there.

Here is a list of relationships that are toxic for anyone out there:

1. Relationship based on lies

As the saying goes, ‘Honesty is the best policy’. A relationship based on lies is bound to break on the long run. Relationships should be based on trust and if the foundation itself isn’t strong, you can expect it to topple soon.

2. Relationships based on emotional blackmail

You should never force your partner to do or act in a way she doesn’t want to. For example if you do not want your partner to go on a business trip leaving the kids behind, do not indirectly emotionally blackmail her by getting someone who doesn’t like the kids to look after then and mentally stress her out into not going. Talk openly about whatever the issue. Blackmail should never be resorted to.

3. Relationships that are put on the back burner

Relationships are like children. They need your time and care. If you start neglecting them, it is sure to fall apart.  If you don’t feel the need to spend time together or bond then it’s not worth staying in that relationship.

4. Relationships that are built on lack or trust or failure to rebuild broken trust

Trust is the key to all relationships, be it between friends, life partners or even business partners. Breaking a partner’s trust can be hard and painful to go through. But if you want the relationship to succeed you must surpass all that bitter emotions and truly forgive the person for the relationship to have any meaning.

5. Relationships built on unrealistic expectations

We all can have realistic expectations from our partners. But expecting perfection always is unrealistic. Common take a good look at yourself and I’m sure you’ll find lots of faults. Accept them as the person that they are and not expect to be how they could be.

It is important to be in a healthy relationship at all times with abundant love and emotional support. Do stay away from the toxic kinds that bring nothing but ruin to your mental well being.