10 Weird skin tips that work wonders

Sometimes even the best of products will not work on your skin that has a problem. There are some weird hacks that will cure those skin problems which have been followed by ages among those who know these weird skin secrets.

Here are some weird tricks that really work on the skin:

1. Dry skin

If you are suffering from dry skin and your moisturizer doesn’t seem to be helping much, don’t fret. You can try applying some diaper rash cream to your skin. Not only will you get baby soft silky smooth skin, you won’t get any allergies or inflammation as it’s made for sensitive baby’s skin.

2. Pimples or rashes

Again diaper rash cream comes to the rescue. If you suddenly feel that a pimple is going to surface or your face is all bumpy then put on some diaper rash cream and watch your rash disappear in minutes.

3. Makeup removal

Right after parties are you not able to get all that makeup off your face? Then use the all-natural coconut oil to get that kick off your face. The best part is that along with removing the makeup it provides natural moisture to your face that is free from chemicals.

4. Astringent

Are you out of astringent and your face is looking all oily? If yes then no worries. Brew a cup of tea with one tea bag and allow it to cool in the refrigerator. Wash the face with this concoction and see how that oil strips off your face naturally without causing any actual harm.

5. Perfume

If you want that perfume that you spray onto your skin to last, then spray the perfume onto Vaseline that has been rubbed on to your skin.

6. Hair static

Do you suffer from hair static a lot in the winter? If yes, then dryer sheets are the answer to all your problems. Simply rub your hair from the root till the tip using these dryer sheets and they won’t fly away again.

7. Sun burn

Are you fed up of buying expensive solutions to get rid of sun burn? Then tea decoction is the solution to this problem. Simply soak in a tub filled with black tea and enjoy having the tannins in the tea to sooth that burnt skin and swelling.

8. Self-tanner streaks

Have you attempted to tan yourself at home and landed up with self-tanner streaks? Then the simple solution for you is the product that is found in the kitchen of every household. Simply make a paste of baking soda and water and massage in the affected areas. This process will lighten the streaks.

9. Puffy eyes

If you haven’t slept for several nights and suffering from puffy eyes, how will you get rid of them? Simply apply hemorrhoid cream to the area below your eyes and watch that puffiness and swelling disappear temporarily.

10. Lip stain

Do you have to wear lipstick for long hours? Are those lipsticks drying out your lips? You should resort to applying Jell-O to tint your lips. Jell-O has a lot of color. Simply wet a Q-tip and dip in the Jell-O powder and apply to the lip area. This color will stay for long hours and will not dry your lips.

Try these strange beauty tips and save up on the money spent on buying commercial beauty products.