How Adhere to a Committed Relationship

Two words, ‘committed’ and ‘relationship’ have acquired newer nuances in present times. Dictionary meanings of both words remain same as before, but their combination together throws varied notions to modern minds. Being pledged or bound to certain course is the commitment. Other implied notion denotes long term emotional relationship. The idea of relationship includes an affinity and association. Relationships in modern days have acquired newer dimensions due to enlightenment of society as a whole. Additionally, the new age woman has freed herself from the shackles of redundant concepts of subordination. This is where the subtle shift has taken place in minds of relationship partners.

Vast changes in the lifestyles of both men and women have modified their sensibilities and have brought about changes in adaptabilities. Women feel the need to remain committed in relationships. Men also have their own share of commitment. However the approach towards bonding differs. Men generally lack the depth of expressing emotions. Women tend to react to situations more intuitively than men do. A harmonious equilibrium of mutual emotions can ensure sustained relationships. Deeper understanding of ways and means to remain committed will certainly lead the duo to destined common goal.

  1. Clarity of feelings: Individuals have to listen to their ‘inner voice’, before embarking on commitment. Whenever there is slightest deviation between brain and heart, one must listen to the heart. Walking along the path chosen by heart will certainly be fruitful. Efforts to remain absolutely open with a companion or partner can assure reciprocation. Response with a clear mind will drive away all negativities. If mind is not clear, then commitment takes backstage.
  2. Equality: The ability to offer more space to partner in a relationship effectively wins the hearts. When both partners are willing to grant equal or more space, they reach the goal of equality. It is impossible to imagine a situation, wherein equality is absent in a relationship and still remains committed. Each member in a successful relationship has always strived hard to offer comfort and soothing emotions to partner. In committed relationships nobody is superior. Everybody is and remains equal.
  3. Companionship: Urge to spend maximum time together is a sure sign of successful culmination of relationships.  Being in the company of each other provides an ample window to know each other, to appreciate the virtues and appealing attributes. Companionship also offers a chance to paper over small differences as and when they arise. Sharing each others’ time, space also helps to acknowledge partner’s deep feelings. Original form of personality can be closely watched and understood. Relationships prosper on solid foundations of memories of togetherness.
  4. Resolve and Respect: Adherence to committed relationship continues when both participating members exhibit necessary resolve to tide over momentary flash points. A relationship can withstand jerks and pulls by offering the bulwark of joint resolve to continue. Granting respect to other’s ideas opens the doors for mutual understanding. More respect to partner ensures more freedom and more ease. The love will manifest in many ways, once the shackles of doubt is broken.
  5. Ability to Look Beyond: Partners in a committed relationship may sway in the world of positive emotions. Still the outside world does not necessarily live on emotions. Thus, the committed relationships can endure only when due cognizance is taken of developments around the partners. The world in general and society in particular keeps changing. Adaptability to changing scenarios can give requisite strength to continue.

Committed duos can enjoy the bliss of eternal love by faithfully following these simple dictums.