A first date with your special person is always irreplaceable. It has a mixed feelings of nervousness, excitement, and curiosity. If you are serious about the relationship then try to make things slow and keep the conversation light on a first date. Explore what not to say on a first date. 

First-Date Conversation Tips

Check out some of the tips and tricks that can be implemented on your first date

Good Impression

Of course, the first impression is the best! Be natural and avoid faking yourself to claim you are a good person. Remember, your partner should accept the way you are with all your flaws. For any long-term relationship honesty is the best key to creating a tight bond. Talk less and observe more to know their behavior and character. 

Know Their Expectations

It can be difficult or sometimes even impossible to know your partner’s expectations on the very first meeting but still, try to ask questions and look for answers in all the possible ways. For example, you can ask about their future plans, career goals, and views on relationships. This promotes transparency and ice-breaking conversation. 


Negative Comments

Avoid complaining or being overly negative about subjects like your job, your life, or the world in general. Keep the conversation positive and light-hearted. Make it simple and talk about the beautiful happenings in your current life. 

Never Talk about Your Ex

When you are on a first date start the discussion optimistically. Bringing up your past relationships too early can make your date uncomfortable or give the impression that you’re not over your ex. This doesn’t mean you are hiding from them. Make things slow and don’t open up easily. 

Money and Financial Matters

Talking about money, salaries, or financial problems can create an awkward atmosphere. Focus on getting to know each other first. These topics can be off-putting and too intimate for a first meeting.

Age Factor

It is totally fine to date an elder or younger person and ask their age. There are several ways to bridge the age gap and make an effective relationship. Apart from so many differences put love on priority and respect each other’s opinions. 


Judging Their Past

Don’t be too judgemental by noticing their social media profiles, the gossip you come across,  and their looks. Understanding a human personally is so deep and takes time. So never assume yourself and put them in an awkward position.


Bottom line

Remember that every person and situation is different. The key is to be yourself, show genuine interest in your date, and engage in positive, enjoyable conversation. Hope the first-date conversation tips are useful for your fresh start.