Working out with your partner renews the relationship

Working out with your partner renews the relationship..!

Exercising is a good thing to do. And when you have your boyfriend with you even at the gym, Boy! Do you get motivated or what? It is said that couples who sweat out together stay together. Is it really true? Let’s find out.

Who do you want to look good for? Is it for your own self? Who are you kidding? You do want to look hot and sexy for your better half, don’t you? Take him with you to the gym, and both of you would be pumped up with the drive to look good in the tight gym clothes. Getting out of bed early in the mornings would suddenly not sound so lethargic, when you know you’ll get to meet your boyfriend for a workout session.

It is always healthy to have a competitive spirit boiling. When you see your man flex his muscles, and stretch out his body, you would want to get into the field and show him you too, are no less. Take special care not to be too harsh on yourself. You are a petite woman, and he’s a hunk. The body type is different and so should be the exercise regimes. But it’s always nice to flirt around with your own guy, in and out of the gym!

A bookish walk in the park, or a date at a coffee house or may be getting dinner together, are all very retroactive, really! Working out and staying healthy is in vogue, and so you must give it a try to do that together with your boyfriend. Sharing the same passion, together, is a nice thing to do after all. When his might be sitting at on the couch playing PSP, get him out to share yours.

Exercise makes your vital organs healthier. This means less stress, an active brain functioning and a more spirited mind and body. Share that with your boyfriend. There can’t be anything better than having a relationship that works perfectly. Working out together might gift you with just that!

Do not worry if your boyfriend loves heavy lifting while you constantly turn towards yoga. Respect the wishes of the other person in the relationship. Enroll yourselves in gyms where there are instructors for both. While you peacefully stretch yourself out on the yoga mat, let him sweat of with the weights. This way each of you will discover a new found respect for each other’s need for space.

Exercising and working out with your boyfriend is more serious than with your girlfriends. You know boys don’t like to chit-chat much and focus more on their work. You could try and do the same and also spend some real quality time while becoming healthier and sexier!