Advantages of being single mother children

It is a common view to think about single mothers rearing their young kids with disdain. Despite, single mothers putting in the best of their efforts they have to face a lot of criticisms from all quarters which is quite unfortunate. Many studies have been conducted on this issue and the results reflect positive development of the children who are taken care of by single mothers.

Some of the major advantages of being single mother children

Enjoying strong bonds with mother

Children who are reared by single mothers enjoy a strong bond with their mothers. This proves to be a bonus for many kids. Women who have to take care of their young kids single-handedly have to make a lot of sacrifices through this journey and face a variety of challenges coming in their way. This journey riddled with hardships is worth as women enjoy a strong bond with their kids. The role of the mother never gets diminished in the lives of their kids. Even when the kids grow up to become adults, the bond stays strong.

Community experiences

There is a famous adage, it takes a village to raise a child” which is very true in the case of single mothers rearing their young ones. In order to help the young mother, a lot of hands are extended as support. This support system also helps the children to learn the importance of unity, support, etc which proves to be a milestone in his or her proper development. He learns to value relationships other than blood bonds. Community groups like churches, parent support groups, school community groups etc help the family to brave the odds and emerge triumphant. Local community also have civic groups that offer help to single mothers. Mothers can also get involved with school groups where other families and teachers can help them to rear their children in the best possible manner.

Sharing responsibilities

The children from single families learn to shoulder responsibilities at a very tender age. Something which has to be forced upon children being reared in complete families, these kids start sharing at a very early age. Even if a child is quite young, he or she can understand the challenges faced by his or her mother. This helps in shouldering responsibilities in a natural manner. There is nothing out of ordinary in this fact as they see it as an extension of their personalities. When the kid gets praised for the help given by him in household chores, he feels motivated and soon that chore becomes a part of his day to day life. He never feels bogged down by these duties. Their efforts getting recognized is more than enough for them to continue helping their mothers.

Handling disappointment and conflict

Children from single families are more equipped to handle disappointments or conflicts coming in their lives as they have seen their mothers face challenges every day. This make them better geared to handle any negative event happening in their lives. They are fighters and soon they overcome these hurdles.

 Thus, single women rearing young kids can have a lot of positive impact on the children.