Earlier there was a time when women used to do household chores only and take care of the kids.  The world changed and due to the advancement women have started working and further have proved their expertise in every field. Housework is not the only thing where they proved their worth. But still the household chores did not go away; they are still managed by the women in most houses. However, men have started realizing that helping their partner in the household chores will not endanger their manhood. Today, many of the guys help their better halves in the household chores as most of the women work.

When you get married or are living with a partner, splitting all household chores is a thing which cannot be avoided. Both of you should know that you both have to shoulder responsibilities as you both are sharing the same space. If your guy does not understand his responsibilities and you want to make him help you without fighting, then here are some tips for you-

  • Time together- Make your partner understand that you both can get more time together, if you divide house chores. Let him choose the work he enjoys to do. This will lessen your burden.
  • Take turns – When there are some chores that are very hectic and awful, take turns to complete them. Make a schedule of weekly or fortnightly to change the turn as per your partner’s convenience.
  • Expectations – Keeping expectation is good, but they should be realistic. It is possible that one of you is an expert in making beds while another is good at laundry. Talk to your partner about it. Discuss if he likes a specific task and wants to continue the same for a month’s time.
  • Communicate – It is always better if you talk to your man about the chores. Communication is the key to solve all relationship related problems. If there are some tasks which you can’t just stand, tell him. Sometimes they can be like cleaning the washrooms and toilet. He can understand as he is your partner. Save the toilet cleaning for him, whereas you can do something else.
  • Team work – Sometimes working together as a team can be very manageable and easy. He can do laundry and you can fold the clothes can be very easy. A similar rule can be applied for the kitchen related chores or the cleaning and dusting work.
  • Live with it – When you are working, you can hardly make any time for your house. The time you get back you have some other priorities and the household chores are left pending. Sometimes live with the mess and there will always be some spots that will be a cause to the clutter. Desks, closets and cupboards are the common places where you try to keep them always clean, but they are always the culprit. Ignore them and live with some mess and let them go. Clean them whenever you get time. Try to live with them instead of your arguments with your partner daily.

The same rule is applicable in case of parents also, when they have many other responsibilities apart from the cleaning. They have to manage their kids schedule along with their own. Working together is the key to all problems and couples can have a peaceful and healthy life, if they help each other.