Things You Should Never Do in Front of Kids

Kids absorb stuff like a sponge. They learn a lot of things from you. The last thing you need your kid to do is to pick up the wrong habits, behavior or attitude from you.

  1. Swear or use foul language-Your child can’t pronounce tough words, but you will actually be surprised to find them spitting them back to you without any error at the most horrifying places or instances. For example they might just repeat the foul language to the guests you’re entertaining for dinner.
  2. Fight-Rule number one: Control that temper of yours.Rule number two: Do not openly argue or fight in front of the kids.Kids are vulnerable. No matter how short the fight, kids tend to blame themselves for all the friction happening at home.Fights at home affect children so much that it affects the other aspects of their life such as social activities and school.So sort your differences with your partner or anyone else when your kids are not around. You don’t want it affecting their mental health, trust me!And last but not least do not hit anyone in front of them. They will get traumatized by the act and for that matter be scarred for life.
  3. Smoke or take drugs-Set a good example for your child. Avoid smoking in front of them. Research has shown that most children in their future pick up the habit from watching their parents.So avoid drugs and smoking in front of the kids at least (Not that drugs and smoking are good habits for you).
  4. Lie-Be it small white lies or serious lies, lies of any nature are not tolerable. You should set a good example for them by being honest at all times. This helps them deal with situations in the future. They need to learn that no matter what the consequences may be, they need to be honest about it.If they see you lying all the time, they might think its okay for them to do the same. Do not lie in front of them, especially when they know what you’re telling someone else is untrue.
  5.  Talk or make fun behind other people’s backs-You might be sharing a joke about your cousin’s back side or even the way he dresses. But be careful when cracking such jokes in front of your kids.They end of thinking that it’s a perfectly normal and repeat exactly what you’ve said to the person who you were talking about. So be careful with your tongue, especially around the kids.
  6. Talk disrespectfully-Be polite and courteous. Children learn a lot from the way you talk. They ape the style and language from you. Talk the way you want them to talk.
  7. Watch vulgarity on TV-Kids have sensitive minds. Do not let them view things that their minds are not ready to take in. Leave the vulgarity for behind closed doors.
  8. Junk food-Junk food eaten in moderation is alright. But kids have to realize that they cannot include them as part of their daily diet. So avoid eating junk in front of them, unless you want them to start throwing tantrums for wanting to eat the same meal as you are.

Your mannerisms and habits are reflected in the behavior of your children. So set a good example and keep the bad habits at bay.