5 Ways to add a touch of romance to your meal

Have the sparks disappeared from your relationship? Do you guys just finish your dinner glued to the television screen? Do you want to spend a romantic dinner at home with your loved one? Whatever the reason for having a romantic dinner at home, there are a few elements that are a must-have to set the mood to ignite the romance between you and your partner.

Here are the elements that you should include to spice up the evening:

1. Music

Set the mood for the evening. Play soft romantic songs or instrumentals should do the trick. As the evening progresses both you and your partner can enjoy a romantic dance and ignite the romance.

2. Lighting and candles

The senses get seduced by our surroundings. Make sure the lighting is soft and dim. You can opt to use candles to light the room.


3. Serve aphrodisiacs

Serve your favorite aphrodisiacs such as chocolate, strawberries, wine or even grilled lobster.

5 Ways to add a touch of romance to your meal

4. Share the same platter or bowl

If you want to become more intimate with your partner there is nothing more intimate than sharing a platter or bowl of food. Save the sharing till the last. For example you can choose to have dessert in the same bowl or platter. You can even go to the extent of being corny and scooping cake or soufflé in each other’s mouth.

5. Decorate with flowers

The scent of flowers will take the two of you to another location all together. The sense of smell can add to the mood of romance in the room. You can creatively decorate the rug in front of the fireplace of couch with flower petals. Do not forget to place a bouquet of roses or orchid on the dinner table.

Enjoy the evening with you loved one and hope it leaves you closer than ever to one another. The best part is that you enjoy an intimate evening alone in the comfort of your own home without spending as much as you would in an expensive restaurant.