It’s April people and this is the perfect time to start your summer garden. When you build a garden with love it’s going to love you back. Gardens indeed have the power to heal. Here we have the simple and most beneficial beginners guide on how to grow your own food. Here’s how you should start,

Decide the Growing zone

With people residing in apartments it has become a great deal to establish a garden with much smaller space. Terrace and balconies are an ideal place for gardening.

Make sure that the place receives sufficient sunlight. If there is lack of space then go vertical. Vertical gardening is nothing but using vertical space to grow plants. All you need is sunny wall space.


Decide on What you want to grow

Choose plants that grow well in a variety of different locations. Tomatoes, Brinjal, Okra, Radish, Chilies, spinach are some which you can rely on. If you prefer seeds then choose good quality which is prone to good germination.

Use transplants

A scientific research says that when a plant is small it is easy for it to establish in a smaller place so it is always better to use transplants than to directly plant a seed in the ground.

Let’s just ignore the plastic mediums; rather there are interesting degradable transplants such as egg shells, paper rolls, and newspaper. Make a tiny hole at the bottom for drainage of excessive water.


Transfer to a pot or ground when the seed has become a seedling.

Getting started

The basics of gardening is to understand soil. Use soil that is well composed and toiled. Put them in the seedling transplant. Remember, Seeds with thicker outer layer should be soaked overnight so that it’s easy for them to germinate. Because the hard outer layer delays germination.

Place only two or three seed per seedling transplant and cover it up by 1/4th of soil.

Kitchen waste compost and sea weeds are great organic fertilizers. Frequency for fertilizing is usually around 2 months. Try to stay away from chemical fertilizers as much as possible.

Spray water until you see the water leaking from the bottom, this ensures that the water has reached the entire root system.

Remember, these plants crave your love and care everyday. Don’t fail them.

Connect with nature

It is the best feeling when you harvest the food that you grow on your own. Even just grow one plant, no big deal! Starting out simple is the most powerful and important way to achieve something great. This will really inspire you to grow your own food on a large scale. Nothing is more soothing than the beauty of nature. Now, Leave your phones aside, Connect to nature, have the pride of growing your own food and of course get the maximum health benefits.