The right way to apply lip liner

Most women are too lazy to apply a lip liner. But trust me you will find a dozen uses of this miracle beauty product. To get the right look when applying lip liner one needs to apply it the right way. For example if you wear a pink color lipstick using a brown color eyeliner it’s not going to make you look horrifying rather than all glammed up.

Do follow these tips to apply lip liner the right way:

1. Choose the right shade

The shade of your lip liner should be of the same shade as your lipstick. You can even go a shade lighter but surely not a shade darker. When you apply lip liner that is a shade darker than your lipstick, the contrast stands out in an ugly way.

2. You can use your lip liner as a primer

Primers are wonderful to hold the color of your lipstick. But what you don’t know is that lip liners also serve the same purpose. So instead of spending tons of dollars on two different products, you can simply buy one. Apply the lip liner evenly all over your lips to prevent your lip color from coming off during the day.

3. Use round soft liners rather than pointy ones

It is better to use soft headed liner than a pointy one to apply along the lip outlines.

4. Do not over draw the lines

All of us want a pout like Angelina Jolie but that doesn’t mean if we over step the boundaries of our lip and exaggerate a pout, we will look just like her. You can lightly extend your lip line but do not overdo it. Trace with a single line and do not make a garish thick over drawn lines.

5. Use a lip pencil to draw a cupid’s bow

A cupid bow is the bow like peaks we draw on the upper lip. They are quiet tricky to draw especially for beginners. It is easier to use a hard lip brush to draw the cupid bow.

6. Blend the liner

If you do not blend your lips after applying liner, you can land up with rings around the mouth, which is basically color that has bled from your lips. Use a Q-tip to soften the edges and prevent it from bleeding to the skin around your lips.

7. Lip liner can double up as lipstick

If you can’t find your lipstick, don’t worry. You can use your lip liner as lipstick. As a matter of fact lip liners come in lots of shades and can give you a wonderful look. So don’t just stash away those lip liners at the back of your make up kit, put then to good use.

Remember that subtlety is the key to the proper application of lip liner.