Are you fed up with filling your eyebrows? Do you want thick eyebrows without pencils and makeup? Then this method is the right solution for you. Microblading will save you from shaping your eyebrows often and retain the thickness for certain days. Read the blog to know what is microblading

According to a survey, 33% of individuals show interest in getting permanent makeup, and 70% prefer microblading to feel more confident.

What is Eyebrow Microblading?


Using fine tools, create an illusion that looks like an eyebrow and it is called microblading. Embedded with small needles, the device has a slanted blade which in turn helps in drawing small hair-like lines on top of the eyebrows. The semi-permanent cosmetic procedure may last up to two years before it starts fading away. But, it is a preferable option as it offers a rich and dense look. Though it is similar to hair stroke cosmetic tattoos, the strokes won’t deeply penetrate through the skin layers, rather they just fill the hair on the epidermis. The new strokes offer a fuller look.

Is It Similar to Tattooing?

The procedure may sound similar to tattooing but it’s not a permanent one. A real tattoo is a ‘forever’ thing, but microblading lasts only a few years. The major difference between microblading and tattooing lies in the ink. While tattoo ink is highly concentrated with solid particles of pigment, cadmium, cobalt, and mercury, the microblading ink contains titanium oxide or iron oxide.

In the microblading process, the experts work on light strokes on the upper layer of the skin softly. Due to the subtle application process, the artificial eyebrows lighten and fade day by day. 

Who Can Undergo the Microblading Process?


The experts diagnose your skin type before performing the procedure. For example, if you have oily skin, this technique may not work as the skin may not hold the color for a long time. The same thing applies to sensitive skin as it may lead to irritation and rashes. It’s a great procedure for those with normal skin. However, this beauty procedure is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Is It Good for Thin or Thick Brows?


As we already know, it enhances the eyebrow by filling it and adding more density to the bald patches. Microblading is the right option for thin eyebrows, however, they need to consider their face shape and eyebrow shape before adding more volume. Because it may look unnatural. 

People who have thick eyebrows but need a slight enhancement can go for microblading. It will give extra strokes and shape to their face. Remember, this might look odd for those who have a lot of hair already. If you know how to shape unwanted hair on the face, you will get a better result. 

Things to Do Before Microblading

  • Avoid waxing or trimming your eyebrows before the appointment.
  • Avoid using exfoliators a couple of days before microblading. 
  • Avoid using any chemicals or new cosmetic products.

Things the Experts Will Do during the Balding

  • The expert will identify your skin type and condition and do the mapping to figure out the eyebrow shape based on the facial features
  • Mostly the experts tell which shape would work best for their face
  • Once the client acknowledges the design, the expert will start doing the eyebrow lines. 

Things to Do After Microblading

Those who have undergone microblading must carefully follow the instructions to avoid any issues. 

  • For a few days, they should do a gentle cleanse and apply a cream prescribed by them 
  • Redness and dark eyebrows are common occurrences after microblading which will fade eventually
  • Avoid using new skin products and makeup for a few days
  • Stay hydrated and apply sunscreen on the eyebrows even after healing 

What Eyebrow Shape Works Best for Microblading?


The artists or the experts will ask for suggestions before doing the microblading. Those who like a soft and subtle tone can have a rounded shape. For a more detailed look or defined shape, opt for an arched or angular shape. 

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Based on the skin type, the microblading will last from one to two years. One can tweeze or wax, but it has to be more minimal. 

Final Thoughts 

People who want off from trimming and drawing can go for microblading. It’s a time-efficient cosmetic procedure that will save you from spending pennies on other products. However, remember to consult a professional before getting one. Also, do not forget to read the simple tips to grow eyebrow hair.